Simple Ways to Stay Dry on a Rainy Campus

Rainy days don’t have to get you down. After all, it is the prime time to take a study break, cuddle up in your dorm, and watch a favorite movie. Still, you’ll eventually have to venture out on campus for classes and clubs. No matter how many times you sing “rain, rain, go away,” it won’t keep you from getting drenched. To keep from walking into class dripping wet, follow these simple tips to keep warm and dry.

Umbrella in Hand, Dry on Land

Invest in a sturdy umbrella. Countless times, students mosey around campus with a cheap umbrella turned inside out. That will do nothing except fill with water and leak all over you as soon as the wind shifts. Refrain from settling for the free, flimsy umbrellas distributed at booths set up around campus. Instead, locate a convenience store for a reasonably priced, sturdy umbrella. This is usually an economically friendly choice compared to school bookstores, which tend to inflate prices. Whenever there is a hint of rain, throw the umbrella in your book bag. You’ll be glad you did if it does start to sprinkle.

Would You Like Paper or Plastic?

All of those plastic bags accumulated from late night food runs or trips to the bookstore do not have to go to waste. Plastic bags are the perfect makeshift cover for your bike seat on a rainy day. When locking up a bike at the bike rack, slip the plastic baggy over the seat and tie it beneath the seat to keep it secure. When ready to ride again, simply untie the bag and replace it at your next destination. Word to the wise: Do not hold onto the bag on your handle bars. The wind will whip all of that collected water right onto you. Instead, slip it in a rarely used pouch in your book bag.

Rain Boots are a Gal’s Best Friend

On a college campus, with a tight budget, diamonds are not a girl’s best friend. However, rain boots are! Learned from personal experience, never wear flats on a rainy day. The shoes will get very soggy, leaving a student barefoot in class to keep their feet from freezing due to the cold water. You don’t have to spend a large sum on rain boots. A cheap pair will do. Just wear thick, long socks to keep the boots comfy and warm. Your feet stay dry, making for a less dreary day. If rain boots aren’t exactly your style, pack a small pair of shoes in your back pack to slip into before class, staying fashionable and dry. However, boys don’t seem to follow the rain boot trend. Good tennis shoes usually suffice in keeping feet warm and water free.

Is This Seat Taken?

Sitting outside under a tree isn’t an ideal option on a rain drenched campus. Cafes are warm, cozy spots for these days. Libraries and local common areas fill quickly in between classes. On rainy days, it’s not feasible to go all the way back to your dorm and then back to class. That’s a lot of walking in the rain. Cafes are especially nice because of the cozy, intimate atmosphere. Not to mention that a warm beverage does the body good when it’s dripping wet. Embrace the opportunity to explore new locations you haven’t been to on campus.

While attending college, you’ll face all types of weather. When those unexpected rainy days pop up, it’s best to be prepared. Rain gear and these simple tips will make for a much less glum day on campus. Make like a Boy Scout and be prepared for any rain cloud hovering above.

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Rebecca Jacobs

Rebecca Jacobs

Rebecca Jacobs is a sophomore at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, pursuing a News-Editorial Journalism degree. An avid bookworm, Rebecca reads all texts Ray Bradbury and Kurt Vonnegut when she’s not busy writing for The Black Sheep on campus. Back home, she spends a vast amount of time enjoying nature with loved ones.