Six Secrets to Surviving Sorority Recruitment

Ahh, recruitment. For freshmen who decide to go Greek, the weekend of recruitment is a time of chaos: mad rushes to get your own mirror for makeup in the dorm bathroom, huge piles of clothes as you sift through everything you own to find something to wear, and rattling off a list of your leadership roles to help stand out to the top houses. But I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t need to be as messy as it looks – check out these six secrets to surviving recruitment, and you’ll be the confident woman any sorority is looking for in no time.

#1: Ask questions.

Nothing says “I’d love to join” like a few great questions! As the recruiter describes different aspects of her house, whether it’s sisterhood events, socials or their philanthropy cause, make sure to ask questions along the way. Not only will you be learning more about your potential sorority for the next four years, but they’ll see that you are interested in being there. If you can’t think of any specific thing to ask, try saying, “can you tell me more about X? That sounds fun!” It helps the conversation keep moving, too.

#2: Use good body language.

Think about a time when you talked to someone, and all they did was look down, shuffle their feet or cross their arms. Not a good feeling, right? Recruiters feel the same way. Remember that it’s not just their responsibility to be interested and genuine. You need to do the same. That all starts with using good body language. Use good eye contact, animate what you’re saying with natural hand gestures, and most importantly, smile! A girl who smiles a lot (genuinely) really stands out and will be remembered even after the long weekend.

#3: Keep up your energy.

The first day or two of recruitment is long and exhausting. You will go from house to house to house, and by party number seven, you will feel like your feet are about to fall off. This is the most important time to muster up that last bit of energy you have in you and show your recruiter you are excited to be there. Remember that they’re in the same boat as you, and it’s refreshing to see someone interested and happy to be there. I’m not saying this is easy – it might take everything in you just to smile. But once you get your energy up, you’ll start to really become comfortable and it won’t be forced.

#4: Stay genuine.

It’s hard not to become a walking resume of yourself during recruitment, but try your best to stay genuine with the information you tell recruiters. Instead of listing off skills you learned as ASB president in high school, share a personal story about why you loved planning prom. The same facts and skills will still be relayed to the recruiter, but they’ll see that you’re a real person with life experience, rather someone who might just be good on paper. Stories make the conversation a lot more fun, too!

#5: Don’t stress about joining a “top house.” 

Girls frequently get caught up with the idea of joining the “best” or “top” house, the one with the good reputation that everyone on campus seems to love. Try not to be one of these girls! There really is no such thing as a “top” house. Each organization is so different and so unique, that there is no scale that could possibly “rank” houses. Stay focused on having great conversations at any house you visit, and really think about who you felt most comfortable with. Make your decisions about what house to join based on who you personally talked to during recruitment, or knew before recruitment, rather than listening to hearsay and gossip. You’ll be happier because of it!

#6: Be yourself.

I can’t stress this one enough. Many girls feel the pressure to fit in to the stereotypical sorority image, and in turn change their whole personality the weekend of recruitment. But the reality is, sororities want you for you! Remember that whatever sorority you join, these girls will see you at your best, your worst and everything in between. If you present a different version of yourself at recruitment, not only will people see right through it, but you’re setting yourself up for years of faking who you really are. You will find your true fit if you are your true self.

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Kimberly Taylor

Kimberly Taylor

Kimberly Taylor is a senior at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo pursuing a degree in journalism with a concentration in public relations. At school, she enjoys her job working for the university's Academic Skills Center, taking part in social and charity events with her sorority, or just reading a book in the sunshine. Outside of school, she enjoys travel, learning to cook, catching up on her favorite TV shows and exploring her coastal college town.