Six Steps to Make Your First Day of Class Less Stressful

Moving into a dorm room for your first year of college is grueling enough as is—figuring out what to bring, what to leave at home, who your roommate is, and having to adjust to a new living arrangement. Then there’s the first day of classes, another stressful situation. By following these six steps, you’ll be sure to calm your fears when your first day of college arrives.

1.    Learn the layout of your campus and find out where all of your classes are ahead of time. findingclasses

This is especially crucial if you live on a big campus, or your classes are back to back with little walking time in between them. Getting to know the layout of your campus prevents you from getting lost, which also alleviates the risk of being late to class. If possible, take a tour of all of the buildings your classes are in prior to your first day. Becoming familiar with the classrooms will allow you to make your way to class quickly with fewer pitfalls.

 2.    Print out a hard copy of your schedule. GCSE Results Are Released In The UK

Using your smartphone to pull up the times and locations of your classes can be convenient. What happens if you’re in a pinch, and your phone battery dies, or you’re in an area on campus that doesn’t have very good service, though? It never hurts to go “old school” by having a printed out copy with you just in case.

 3.    Pack your backpack the night before. fullbackpack

Nothing is worse than scrambling at the last minute to pack your books and other belongings before class. Doing it ahead of time makes it easier to grab your backpack and go in the morning, plus you’ll be less likely to forget something important. You’ll also increase your chances of getting a good night’s sleep knowing that everything you need for the next day is ready and all in its place.

 4.    Put the numbers of your resident assistant, area hall director, and the campus safety office in your phone. studentputtingnumbersinphone

Whether you’re locked out of your dorm room, you need to figure out how to get to the building where your next class is, or you have a true emergency, keeping important numbers on-hand in your cell phone saves the hassle of waiting for a roommate to respond or walking all over campus to find someone who can help you in a time of need.

 5.    Leave for class early. studentwalkinginclassroom

Even if your campus is small, and it takes less than five minutes to get from one side of it to the other, that doesn’t mean the walk is just as short. Leaving for class can help you time how long it takes to get from your residence hall to the classroom, or whatever destination you’re trekking to. Other advantages of leaving early include having extra time in case you get lost on the way to class and getting a decent seat in your classes. Nothing is worse than being one of the last ones to arrive, and having to sit in the very back because every other seat is taken! 

 6.    Make sure to have your books with you. studentsreadinginclass

Most first days of class consist of the professors handing out and reviewing their syllabi. However, it’s possible that you might have a professor who expects you to whip out your books and read aloud from them right away. It never hurts to have your textbooks with you on the first day of class. If for some reason you don’t have your books (maybe you ordered them on the internet, and they haven’t arrived yet), consider buying extra copies from the campus bookstore and returning them as soon as the ones you ordered arrive.

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Britni Roberts

Britni Roberts

Britni Roberts is a senior at North Central College in Naperville, Illinois pursuing a degree in English Writing. She has been an Editor for the North Central Kindling humor magazine, Assistant News and Arts Editor for the North Central Chronicle newspaper, as well as a DJ and Rock News Reporter for WONC-FM 89.1, her college’s radio station. She enjoys listening to music and spending time with her friends, boyfriend, and his cat Willow.