Six Things I Miss About Dorm Life

During the spring quarter of my freshman year, I signed my very first lease for an apartment that I would share with two of my friends. I was so excited to move out of the dorms and take that next step in my young adulthood. Living in an apartment definitely has its perks. I like having a place to call my own and the luxury of making my own rules. However, there are also some things that I miss about life in the dorms, so appreciate the experience while you have it.

1) Community. It’s really nice having to only step out of your dorm room in order to see friends and acquaintances. Even though constantly being surrounded by people got annoying at times, I definitely miss the community feel of dorm life. There’s always something going on and always someone to talk to, which is great.

2) My meal plan. By the beginning of the spring quarter of my freshman year, I was so over cafeteria food. But now I totally miss it! I didn’t realize what a convenience it was to have my meals prepared for me. The part I miss the most is the variety. There were so many different types of foods to choose from, and my personal reservoir of multiethnic recipes is very limited.

3) Custodial staff. Even though the bathrooms and other common spaces tended to get messy by the end of the day, they were always pristine the following morning. Having a custodial staff is definitely a perk that everyone takes for granted until they move into a place of their own and have to clean up after themselves. Make sure to thank your custodial staff for their hard work whenever you get the chance.

4) Social programs. At my school, living in the dorms meant that you had the opportunity to participate in various social programs. From ice cream socials to formals to dorm competitions and tie-dye T-shirt making parties, there was always something fun to look forward to. Most apartment complexes don’t provide social programs, and if they do it’s on a rare occasion. I miss having fun activities planned on my behalf and just enjoying the time with my fellow freshmen.

5) Area Service Desk. At my school, the ASD was where you went when you had any issues concerning the dorms. It was super convenient to be able to walk into the building and ask for repair requests, or a vacuum, or to pick up my mail. In apartments you have contact local businesses for services that the apartment complex office doesn’t provide.

6) Amenities. This is probably one of the most underrated perks of living in the dorms. You play a flat fee for your housing at the beginning of the quarter and you don’t have to worry about footing the bill for your amenity use. I miss taking super long showers, knowing that I didn’t have to pay the water bill. Moving into an apartment has forced me to be more conscious about that kind of stuff.

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Pamela Nonga

Pamela Nonga

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