Skipping Classes in College: Can I Still Get an A?

College is the biggest test of maturity for students, as new adults who are leaving the nest for the first time we are confronted with obstacles that we’ve never faced alone before. We are our own parents, maids, bill-payers, cooks and time-keepers.

Some of us excel at being responsible grown-ups, while some of us fall short and have to learn our lessons the hard way. My biggest challenge throughout college has been trying to be my own time-keeper and learning how to avoid skipping classes in college. Here’s my story, but pay attention because I’m going to encourage you NOT to be like me.

One of the biggest things I was looking forward to in college was the ability to make my own schedule. I started out with no school on Fridays and it was awesome! A 3 day weekend every week? Yes, please!

When it came time for me to sign up for classes again I decided to take it one step further, I jammed all my classes into Tuesdays and Thursdays. It definitely required some gymnastics when forming this schedule, I was attempting to fit all my required classes into two days and have it work around my swim team practices, to top it off I was on trying to make sure I had the most relaxed professors.

It almost required more effort than it was worth because in the end I was left with a 9-5 class schedule with roughly 10-15 minutes in between each class and an overload of homework on my off days and weekends. During each following semester I altered my schedule just a little bit more, giving myself even more time…It’s not like I even needed this extra time, I just liked the concept of not having to go to school every day. Then it came time for me to transfer to a four year university.

I was a little skeptical about cramming classes into two days during my first quarter at a university, I had heard that the workload was bigger at a four year school and I didn’t want to overwhelm myself.

The idea of only two days of school was just too good to pass up though. My biggest problem came when I realized I really enjoyed not having class five days a week, I found myself skipping classes in college more often and turning my five days off a week to six days off…sometimes seven. I told myself that I would read the lecture notes online but that never morphed into a habit. My grades slowly started reaping what I was sowing and took a downwards spiral.

You get what you put into your education

Moral of the story: You get what you put into your education. I highly recommend not skipping classes in college, especially if you’re planning on attending Graduate School after you get your Bachelor’s Degree.

It’s simple; you will not get an A in your classes if you don’t attend lecture. There are a lot of classes that have daily assignments or quizzes where attendance is mandatory, and some classes base the majority of their exams off of lecture notes.

Sometimes you can luck out with a professor who posts all of their lecture notes online but unless you are efficient, motivated and accountable enough to read the lecture notes regularly, you aren’t going to retain the information you need for your exams. If you are one of those people who can regularly read the lecture notes, you might as well just go to class and get the information first hand with the professor clearing up any questions you may have with the material.

As someone who has suffered from senioritis since my sophomore year, I know that there is a big price to pay when you wait until the last minute to study for tests, or when skipping classes in college altogether. So, when asking yourself – Should i skip class? – seriously, just go to class. Your chances of getting good grades are way higher and if you’re lucky, you may even walk out of college having learned something.

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Bryanna Maty

Bryanna Maty

Bryanna Maty is a Senior at the University of California, Davis. After graduating in June she hopes to find or invent a career that will utilize her love for writing, spending money and making people laugh. In her spare time you can find her crafting things off of Pinterest, swimming, line-dancing or watching re-runs of “Friends.”