Sports Management Colleges

Are you a sports fan?  Thinking about majoring in sports management in college? In this post I’ll discuss exactly what it means to major in sports management and give you a list of the top 6 sports management colleges in the U.S.

Sports Management Colleges – An Overview

Before searching for sports management colleges, you should first make sure that this type of degree would be a good fit for you.  Students who major in sports management typically enjoy playing or attending athletic events, enjoy math and solving puzzles, and have an interest in learning about the human body.

Students Interested In Sports Management Colleges

Sports management colleges focus their course curriculum around the following 4 main areas: health, fitness, business, and law.  Contrary to popular belief, the world of sports management involves a lot more than hanging out with professional athletes and attending sporting events. If you decide to pursue a degree from one of the top sports management colleges, be prepared to work on complex business deals and make important budget decisions.

Students who graduate from sports management colleges manage and promote health clubs, fitness centers, or sports teams.  Some of the careers that students with degrees from sports management colleges pursue include things like: organizing the World Series, working for the Chicago Bulls, or helping to build a sports training program at the University of Florida.  Conversely, some sports management majors may decide to work in the field on a smaller scale through organizing a youth basketball or baseball association in their hometown.

Top 6 Sports Management Colleges

Below is a list of the top sports management colleges (or colleges where you can earn an undergraduate degree in sports management):

1. Bowling Green State University

2. Indiana University

3. Ohio University

4. Ithaca College

5. Springfield College

6. University of Massachusetts

Students attending Sports Management Colleges…

Students who attend sports management colleges should be prepared to participate in the following activities.

1. Study various laws surrounding athletic organizations

2. Promote sporting and fitness events

3. Learn about the different parts of the body

4. Learn how to budget money well

5. Practice contract negotiation skills

I hope this information about sports management colleges was helpful to you.  Good luck in your college search.

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