Spring Break Destinations for College Students

Finals week has come to an end and now spring break relaxation is your number one priority.  Where are you headed for the week?

Most students are looking for a place to unwind with other students who are similarly ready for a break from the college routine.

Here are some popular spring break destinations for college students, both near and far, that are sure to make for an unforgettable experience.

Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is a world-renown tourist located on the eastern tip of Mexico.  It touches the Caribbean Sea and boasts white sandy beaches, beautiful all-inclusive resorts, and is within a short distance to ancient Mayan archeological ruins.  The location offers the convenience of zip-lining above tropical terrain by day and clubbing resort style by night.  Here you can lounge, explore, party, and mingle with other spring breakers!

Las Vegas, Nevada

One of the better spring break destinations for college students to unwind is Sin City. The strip of Las Vegas is full of party people ready to have a good time.  It is within driving distance from Southern California, and a relatively cheap plane flight for those residing further away, making this spring break getaway more pocketbook friendly.  Tan your days away poolside, take a quick nap, then dance until the sun comes up with your best college buds.  Las Vegas is sure to show you the ultimate spring break experience.

South Beach, Miami

Located on the eastern side of Florida’s peninsula, it has proven to be one of the states’ hot spots.  Stroll along the beaches lined with cafes, awe at the beautiful people and excessive luxuries, and party the night away in South Beach.  Sometimes referred to as “the Rodeo Drive of spring breaks,” your trip here will never be dull.  Better save up for this trip though, South Beach is not one of the cheapest spring break destinations for college students to visit.

Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada

While all the places listed above fit the quintessential definition of a spring break vacay, Lake Tahoe has something different to offer.  Spend your days hiking, lounging on the beach, or even skiing what’s left of the Sierra snow.  No matter the activity, you’ll be surrounded by beauty.  This escape could just be one of the perfect spring break destinations for college students.

Sometimes, due to the expenses and scheduling conflicts, coordinating a cohesive spring break getaway can be challenging.  Make sure you OK your plans with your parents long before hand and most importantly make sure your plan is safe and practical.

While spring break is historically supposed to be one of the most fun-filled weeks of the school year, it can also be chaotic, stressful, and dangerous!

Here are four tips to ensure an unforgettable and safe trip:

1. Make an Itinerary

This may sound like overkill but it sure will make your parents happy!  Planning out activities by the hour may be a bit much, but at the very least, make sure friends and family know where you are and have the necessary information to contact you at all times.

2. Use the “buddy system”

I know it sounds juvenile, but it’s so important!  When visiting unfamiliar places full of unfamiliar people, it’s easy to slip away in the crowd.  This can be avoided by always making sure you’re with someone you know and feel comfortable with.

3. Use your common sense

It makes me sad that I feel like I have to reiterate this one.  So often people get caught up in the moment and find themselves in trouble.  Be respectful, responsible, and courteous—karma is real!

4. Have a back up plan

My first piece of advice is to go with the flow, but if the situation doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.  Make sure you have a pre-planned alternate activity.  This will avoid the disappointment of ill-executed plans.

Most of all, HAVE FUN!  This is your week of relaxation before the work and chaos of school begins again.  Take advantage of these spring break destinations for college students, as they very well may be some of the best times of your life.

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