Spring Must-Haves For College

Spring is here! Spring is easily my favorite time of the year when it comes to college. There’s something about the warm weather, blooming flowers, and sunny skies that lifts the spirit and makes classes much more bearable. At my university, everyone takes advantage of the end to endless rain and gloomy days by spending as  much time as possible outdoors. I love walking through campus and seeing everyone lounging about on the grass, tossing frisbees, or enjoying a nice fruit smoothie. Spring is generally quite enjoyable, but there are some items every college student should possess to make the experience even better. They are as follows:

1) Allergy medicine. Don’t let allergies slow you down! There’s nothing worse than being trapped indoors because of the sneezing and coughing induced by stepping out. If you tend to have allergies around spring time, make sure to purchase some allergy medicine and nip the problem in the bud so that you can be on the go without a problem.

2) Bro tank. Bro tanks are not just for fraternity brothers or only for guys. They’re for everyone! What better way to celebrate the warmer temperatures and springtime fun than with a light tank top and a witty catchphrase on the front? A lot of stores catered to young adults will have these on sale right now, or you can always make your own with a pair of scissors and a T-shirt of your choice.

3) Sunscreen. Sunscreen is for everyone, no matter your skin tone or if you like to go tanning or not. It’s important to protect your skin from sun damage, which can cause spotting, wrinkles, and peeling and can potentially lead to skin cancer. Make it a habit to put on sunscreen every day before going out and also throughout the day, because it’s effects only last a couple of hours.

4) Camera. Capture every moment of your first spring in college with a handy dandy camera. Chances are you’ll have a lot going on, because people love throwing events during the spring, when the weather is sure to be nice and people are in good spirits. Trust me, you want to document this experience and have something too look back on at a later time.

5) Blanket, Mat, or Table Cloth. Choose whichever you prefer and take the time to relax outdoors. You can just lay there, enjoying the moment, or you can multitask by reading a book or tanning or studying for your next exam. You can also have an outdoor yoga session or any other type of physical exercise. It’s fun to take tasks that you usually enjoy indoors for most of the year and do them outside.

Spring is truly a magical time for the college student. With these must-haves, you’ll be sure to have an incredible time. The only hard part is maintaining the motivation to study and put in your work, but if you keep up with your studies, there’s no reason why shouldn’t have a great time.

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Pamela Nonga

Pamela Nonga

Pamela Nonga is a second year at the University of California Davis double majoring in Political Science and Communications. When she’s not theorizing about the greater meaning behind her day-to-day experiences on her blog, you can find her on a run, enjoying a blend of the outdoors and her favorite tunes. Pamela loves to read, write, and travel, and hopes to work in the fields of Journalism and Media as a career.
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