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Getting prepared for college can be difficult. Finding the right school, completing applications, studying for standardized exams, and filling out financial aid forms can be overwhelming and time consuming!

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Since we understand how daunting the transition from high school to college can be, our site is packed with useful tips and advice to help you navigate the entire college admissions process and your 1st year on campus!

So what are you waiting for? Jump right in and learn what you can do to get ready for college RIGHT NOW!

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Step 1: Should I Go To College? 

A lot of high school students and their parents view college as the natural progression after high school…

BUT before you rush off to fill out those college applications, now might be a good time to figure out if a 4-year college or university is right for you.

“Wait a second, isn’t this site called

Then why are you telling me I shouldn’t go to college! “

We’re not telling you not to go to college, instead we’re saying that stepping back and evaluating your long term goals is a good idea.

While this site is dedicated to helping students transition from high school to college, we realize that a traditional 4-year college program is not for everyone.

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Step 2: College Action Plans 

Each year of high school brings on a different set of challenges, as well as tasks to complete in order to prepare for college.

Review the College Action Plan below that best applies to you:


Step 3: Standardized Exams – ACT & SAT


Although they can be a real pain, standardized tests are an important part of the college admissions process.

A lot of students feel pressured to choose between taking the SAT or ACT. Keep in mind, neither test is better than the other. It all depends on the admissions requirements of the schools you intend to apply to.

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Step 4: Choosing A College 

Picking the college for you can be downright intimidating. This is the place you’re going to be spending the next few years of your life. How can you be sure you’ve made the right decision?

Don’t worry; there is tons of useful information from current college students and education experts in our “Selecting A College” category.

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Step 5: College Majors 

All college students are required to “major” or specialize in a specific area of study.

Most schools requires students to ‘declare a major’ by the end of their sophomore year. Until then, you’ll likely be enrolled in “general education” courses – like English, History, etc.

Choosing a college major can be stressful; especially if you wait until you get on campus to start thinking about potential college majors and career options.

However, you don’t have to wait until the last minute! You can start preparing for your future NOW, by taking a look at our “College Majors” section.

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Step 6: Campus Visits

Let’s be honest…there’s no brochure or pamphlet that can give you a complete picture of any college or university. Taking a campus tour is the absolute best way to get a feel for what a college is really like.

Can’t afford to visit all of the schools you’re applying to in person? No worries; just take a virtual campus tour!

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Step 7: College Application Process

You’ve taken the ACT and/or SAT, you’ve figured out which colleges you want to apply to, you’ve visited their campuses…now it’s time to apply!

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Step 8: Recommendation Letters, Essays, & Interviews

Completing the college application itself is just half the battle!

You’ll likely also need to complete an essay or personal statement, request letters of recommendation from your teachers, club moderators, and/or school counselor, and possibly attend an interview before the entire college application process is complete.

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Step 9: Paying For College 

The number one concern regarding college for most college-bound high school students is affordability. College costs are increasing at twice the rate of inflation!

However, the good news is that college can be affordable for just about any student. The ultimate challenge lies in finding a college that fits your financial needs.

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FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)


Student Loans


Step 10: Surviving Freshman Year

Nervous about your first year on campus? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered!

There are over 200 articles in our “1st Year of College” category!

You’ll find everything from “How To Create The Perfect Class Schedule” to “Space Saving Tips For Your Dorm Room!”

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