Stress Management for College Students

Stress is one thing that all college students have in common, besides having homework and going to class. Oftentimes, stress is unavoidable. However, the methods you use to deal with unavoidable stress is the important lesson here.

If you’re a busy person and involved in multiple extracurricular activities, you’re bound to experience some stressful situations. Instead of worrying about all of your responsibilities and tasks you have to complete, which will only stress you out more, it’s important to discover fun and relaxing ways to deal with the daily pressures of the collegiate lifestyle.

The quicker you discover your own personal strategies and stress management tips for college students to reduce pressure, the quicker you will be able to get all of your work done so you can hang out with your friends or enjoy some down time in your room. This all may sound like common sense but I can say as a senior that dealing with stress is the key to success in college.

Students deal with stress in many different ways. Some meditate and practice breathing techniques, while others work out or play sports to get a break from the daily grind. The video below will show some students and their individual ways of dealing with stress. Enjoy!

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Jack Cullen

Jack Cullen

Jack Cullen is a senior at Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois, and is pursuing a degree in multimedia journalism and mass communication. Outside of the classroom, Jack writes for his college’s newspaper as well as a local daily newspaper. Jack is also the captain of the men’s varsity tennis team at Augustana. When he’s not on the court or searching for his next story to cover, Jack loves traveling and taking adventures with his friends and family.