Stuff to Bring to College

As you prepare to head off to college, there comes the rather strenuous and tedious process of figuring out what to bring to school. There are the obvious choices- toiletries, bedding, etc. But what other stuff should you bring to college?

It’s sometimes not always obvious, and it can vary per person. But here are some things I brought to college that added to my college experience. These I feel are the essentials for one to bring to fully enjoy college:


Even if you’re living in the dorms and you’re relying on dorm food, bring food! The dorm food will drive you crazy. It’s monotonous and frankly kind of disgusting. And going out to eat is too expensive. So bring as much food as you can from home, whether it be snacks to munch on or something to warm up in a microwave. The grocery store is always good too. After you all, you will need some real food every now and then.

Musical Instrument

If you play an instrument, bring it. Playing an instrument is a good stress reliever, especially during a study break. What better way to relieve stress after all then shredding on your guitar or slapping the bass?  Don’t worry about annoying your roommates with it- I brought my electric guitar to the dorms last year, amplifier and all. I made sure to play it when my roommates weren’t in the room. I was fine as long as I didn’t play it during quiet hours. Plus other people can hear you and it gets you noticed. However if you’re musical ability sucks then you’ll get noticed for the wrong reasons.

A Ball

A football, baseball, soccer ball, whatever fits your fancy. There’s nothing like just throwing a ball back and forth with some friends, and of course people nearby will want to join in. It’s a perfect thing to do on a nice sunny day, which are very frequent down here in San Luis Obispo. It’s just one of those universal things that everyone likes to do.

TV/Video Game Console/DVDs

I lumped this into one since it’s all related. The TV is good for a multitude of reasons- sitting back and watching your favorite show, DVDs and/or playing video games. All of which are good things to do with your roommates/friends or by yourself if you need a study break.


Nobody likes to look at only plain white walls. Especially you since you will be staying at that room for the whole year. So give your room some life! Bring posters to hang up . On my wall I have posters of The Who and the San Francisco Giants. Let your wall reflect your interests. Of course that means you will have to bring the necessary push pins and tape to put up your posters, but it’s worth it so you don’t have stare at a boring, plain white wall all year.


Especially in places like San Luis Obispo, will experience a lot of hot, sunny days. And in some cases, you will be outside in the heat for long periods of time. Unless you want to go through the trouble of putting sunscreen on your face, or you want an annoyingly painful sunburn, a hat will come in handy. Or if you just have a bad hair day and/or just don’t feel like brushing your hair, a hat also comes in handy.

A Fan

In some cases, you won’t have air conditioning. I don’t have air conditioning here at the on-campus apartment housing at Cal Poly, so if it’s really hot out I need to turn on my fan. You will regret not having a fan when it’s really hot out. Plus it’s calming to listen to at night. Just be careful you don’t have a bunch of loose papers nearby the fan.


This one may sound a little strange, but I do recommend a High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA), especially if you have bad allergies like I do. HEPAs help clear your room from dust, and like the fan are also calming to listen to.

And of course you have to bring the college essentials: toiletries, bedding, laptop, printer, clothes, etc.

Packing, and especially figuring out what stuff to bring to college is always a tough process. But with this list, you will be guaranteed to have everything you need so you can enjoy your college experience to the fullest potential!

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Aaron Bandler

Aaron Bandler

Aaron Bandler is a sophomore at California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo pursuing a Journalism major and an Economics minor. Aaron's main passion is politics. As a staunch conservative Republican, he advocates for conservatism every day of his life. Aaron is also an avid sports fan who passionately follows the San Francisco Giants and 49ers. Outside of sports and politics, Aaron enjoys playing guitar and listening to classic rock music like The Who and Led Zeppelin as well as hanging out with family and friends.
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