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Vintage is in, as you may know after walking around a college campus for five minutes. Stores line city areas of campuses boasting the new styles and retro clothing; American Apparel, Pitaya, Urban Outfitters.

But for all of the broke college students fashioning a budget, it may seem like there is nowhere to shop.


To get that great Urban Outfitters look on a budget, try Good Will, Value World or Salvation Army. Get over the stereotype of “second hand” stores and browse through their creative selections of used gems.

At your campus book store, a new school pride sweatshirt would run you around $45, but at Value World, a vintage version would cost about $3-$5.

Shopping at thrift stores is a great way to still buy new things, but save money while doing so in college. Stores like those mentioned above are great places to find fan gear for your school, interesting pieces of jewelry, or vintage clothing articles.

Used clothing stores are comprised of clothes other people donate, hence the name “used clothing store.” They are able to re-sell clothes so cheap because they are used and often can be out of style.

But that’s the beauty of it!

Clothes that someone’s Mom donated from her 1980s college days are some of the coolest clothes you can find. The old basketball jerseys, large knit sweaters to wear with leggings, sound familiar?

It’s the latest fashion you see displayed in the windows of American Apparel but for half the price!

Say you’re going to a theme party somewhere on campus and you need an outfit. Instead of dropping dimes at a costume store, browse through your local Salvation Army for some old clothes you can either wear or fashion into a costume for your party.

Toga party? Buy an old bed sheet you can cut up. School pride party? Find a cool vintage jacket or crew neck sweatshirt to catch the eye of the crowd.

Good Will, Value World and Salvation Army are also great stores to shop for work uniform clothes. Many times college kids will have campus jobs or restaurant jobs that require black pants and shoes, etc. Instead of buying an expensive pair at J. Crew, buy a pair from a used clothes store since they’re getting dirty at work anyway.

College kids that shop at second-hand stores can save up to 75% on clothes they would normally buy at a new designer store. A Michigan State leather jacket at a campus retailer can cost around $70, but at a thrift store it could cost $20 or less.

Admit it, you want to be in style and treat yourself after a semester of good grades, but you don’t always have the liberty to spend top dollar. Shopping at stores like Value world can help you save money without losing style.

To find especially unique clothes that don’t copy the label the rest of your peers are wearing, thrift  stores are the perfect place to shop.

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