Summer Bucket List Ideas for Teens

When I was six years old, I tried to build a time machine in my living room. It mainly consisted of a huge cardboard box, blankets I had taken from my bed and a few teddy bears I could not bear to go to the future without. My dad was kind enough to humor me and cut a hole in the box that made it look as if I were driving some sort of car. Once I sat inside my makeshift time machine, I was convinced that I was on my way to a future where I was old enough to make my own dinner (which would consist of brownie batter and candy, of course).

It didn’t take me very long to realize that my time machine wasn’t real and it could not, in fact, take me to the brownie batter filled, adult future of my dreams. But thinking back to times like those makes me realize how eager I was to grow up. When we are younger, all we really see are the benefits of being grow up, as opposed to the benefits or enjoying our youth.

This is exactly why I believe summer bucket list ideas for teens is a great way to enjoy your teenage years and not waste them with thoughts of adulthood. Being a teenager is a time you can never get back, so enjoy it! Your teenage years are as good of a time as any to have the fun and enjoy being a teen. Ready to write your teenage bucket list? Well, since your teenage bucket list is very unique to you and your personal wants and needs, I probably can’t tell you exactly what to put on there. However, I can give you a few summer bucket list ideas for teens tips to get your started.

Keep it Fearless

When thinking of ideas to put on your teenage bucket list, do not let fear guide you. Instead, be led by the exciting things that you know you want. For example, if you want to train and run for a marathon, then add that to your teenage bucket list! Don’t let the fear of how hard training and completing the marathon will be stop you from doing it. You can do anything that you are willing to work towards, including being fearless.

Keep it Safe

While being fearless while making your teenage bucket list is a great idea, make sure that you keep your list safe as well. Consult with your family and friends to make sure that you bucket list ideas do not get too out of hand and dangerous. We all need those few people in our lives that can keep us in check and make sure that we are thinking sanely. While you do want you teenage bucket list to be enjoyable, you also want it to be safe.

Keep it Exciting

There are so many amazing and wonderfully exciting things that you can add to your teenage bucket list. Don’t let boredom come anywhere close to your bucket list! Keep things exciting and adventurous. You want to make a bucket list that will leave you with memories you can look back on and enjoy for the rest of your life. These memories will last you through college and beyond so make them memorable!

Keep it Friendly

Including your friends and family in your teenage bucket list is always a good idea. Creating memories with others is an amazing experience you will cherish for many years to come. Adding family and friends is especially important for bucket list ideas that include travel or something along those lines. Seeing the world is always safer and a lot more fun with family and friends by your side, laughing and loving every step of the way.

Keep it Possible

While I am never the one to say that anything is impossible, I do feel as if you should make sure that the things you put on your teenage bucket list are…well…possible! So you might want to rethink that “do the moonwalk on the moon with a cheetah” idea you were thinking about (in less, of course, you have access to the moon, a cheetah, and killer dance moves). Do not limit your bucket list, but just make sure that what you put on your list isn’t too outlandish.

Teenage bucket lists are great ways for teens to enjoy their youthful time. When creating your summer bucket list ideas for teens, keep the above tips in mind and you will definitely come out with a list you won’t regret. It’s all about enjoying your life and making the most of everyday. Give it a shot and see what you can come up with!

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