Doctor, I Think Have a Case of the Senioritis

It’s your senior year. It’s your last year to walk on your high school campus grounds and attend all your periods from a typical 8AM-3PM schedule.

And as the year progress, it seems as though the end is so far but within your reach. You finished your college applications and all your standardized tests so a lot has been lifted off your shoulders.

Then you start thinking about your prospective future and not going to class at 8AM everyday or attending school in a new city. There are many other factors running through your mind but your motivation tends to get lost somehow.

And all this lack of motivation boils into one type of sickness: Senioritis.

What is Senioritis?

A senior in high school lacking any sense of motivation due to the false sense of security after submitting college applications. The symptoms plummet when college acceptance letters arrive and graduation is near. It also has a strong affect if the student has spring fever.

What are the symptoms of Senioritis?

  1. Waking up late for school and occasionally missing zero or first period.
  2. Not motivated to do anything in class or any class related work.
  3. Zoning out in class frequently.
  4. Doing homework the period before it’s due or not knowing about assignments until they’re due. Also known as procrastination.
  5. Leaving during lunch and not coming back.
  6. Hanging out with friends instead of studying after school.

Ultimately, senioritis makes you become full time slacker. Senioritis is a common disease among a lot of high school seniors and it increases during spring semester. And if your peers also have senioritis, it makes you start to not care and lose motivation as well. Why try if no one else tries?

A general concern while slacking is making sure that your grades are good enough to not get your acceptance letter rescinded from your future college. It’s understandable to stop caring after a certain point, but your grades during your last semester from your high school are also important.

Don’t let colleges show that you just “gave up” in a sense. You are also sending these grades to your future college as well. And giving up in your classes can have potential risks to the point where you might not attend the college that you planned to attend.

Along with classes, make sure you are also on top of your due dates for your future college. Payments and deadlines creep up while you’re still in the midst of your senior year.

So how do you motivate yourself?

Personally, I had senioritis during my senior year as well. And I felt I got senioritis because I was burned out from all the AP courses and extracurricular activities that I was in. But I didn’t want to senioritis to create such a deep hole that I couldn’t get myself back out. Therefore, I kept thinking about why the college accepted me. And it was because of my hard work and dedication that I put through in high school.

So I made sure I made a positive impression when I completed my last finals in high school. That also motivated me to keep my due dates and any extra submissions I had to do for college in check. To keep me busy, I also did any scholarships that I could to maintain my work ethic.

So yes, senioritis is a big deal. It might seem like a joke at first by its name but it can have a major affect on your senior year. It’s an actual word in the dictionary for God’s sake.

Don’t let your senioritis get the best of you. Your future awaits.

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