Take Advantage Of Sunday, Get Ahead On Homework

Most people use their Sundays for recovery after a long weekend of fun, relaxation, watching football and, if there’s time, cramming in some time for homework.

Then, they spend their Monday through Thursday nights stressing about all the homework they have to do.

The strategy is silly because Sundays are a free day during which all of your homework for the week can be completed. It doesn’t take much effort. You can sit on your couch and do your homework while still recovering.

Teachers give you a syllabi during your first week of classes for a reason. They want you to work ahead. You aren’t supposed to be able to make excuses and complain about the workload because you know weeks in advance what is due.

My Strategy

I tried out this wild “do all your work on Sunday” strategy last semester, and I had a mostly stress-free semester.

I’d start my homework as soon as I finished eating lunch. I’d watch football (when the season started) on mute as I worked away. Sundays weren’t very fun, but I’d usually finish around 8, leaving me a few free hours on Sunday night to do whatever I want.

The rest of the week, I’d finish class, do whatever little assignments my teachers sprung upon us during class, then have hours of free time that I could spend watching TV, hanging out with my friends and girlfriend and working out.

Whenever a friend had a mid-week birthday or our fraternity had an event during the week, I was able to go out and have fun.

I can’t recall a single week where I was overwhelmed with homework.

True, this strategy may not be wholly applicable to tougher majors (e.g., engineers), but it can at least be partially applicable. Doing work early always prevents stress later!

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John Edwards

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