The Best Jobs To Have In College

Working and going to school full time is a difficult task. Time management is essential and you do not want to be overly stressed. Often times it is hard to find a job that will work around your schedule or give you a month off for Christmas break. But there are some jobs available that can actually make work fun and manageable. On-campus jobs are a great way to meet a lot of new people, network, make money and still have time for school. University employers understand that students need a balance between work, school and socializing, so they are more than happy to work around your schedule.

College Departments

If you know the degree you would like to pursue, getting a job within your major’s department allows you to network with distinguished faculty and continue learning outside the classroom. If you are not sure about your major, applying for a job within any department can help you get an in-depth look at different majors. Typical jobs offered by specific school departments include lab assistants, secretaries and teaching assistants. Some professors look for students to help them on academic projects, so do not be afraid to offer your services.

Athletic Department

For the sports fan, working with your school’s athletic department lets you experience sports beyond the actual game. You can work as a caterer and meet distinguished alumni who attend the games. Many division one schools have huge stadiums with box seats for special guests. While you are serving food, you get the best seats in the house! A communications intern gathers footage, writes recaps and highlights players from every sport. If you really like soccer, chances are your job coordinator will let you work specifically on soccer. You get to meet some of the athletes and coaches representing your school and you will never miss a big game.

Student Organizations

Joining a student organization should be high on your list of freshman to-do’s. In some cases, the student org you join may also be able to offer you a job. Student orgs on campus often need someone to manage finances or do public relations work. As far as scheduling goes, working for a student org is perfect because it often does not have meetings or events outside of the semester so you do not have to worry about making it home for Christmas.

Peer Advisor

Students are often more comfortable talking with other students as opposed to university faculty, so it is no surprise that colleges utilize a peer advisor system for many of their departments. University components that often have peer advisors include first-year centers, study abroad and large programs like liberal arts.

Campus Tour Guide

Another great job that involves working with other students is a campus information guide. In order to give campus tours to prospective students, you need to learn about the things that make your university special and unique. It is a great opportunity to connect with your university and develop a passion for your school that will last long beyond graduation. Whether you are helping incoming students choose classes or guiding a group of high school seniors around campus, having a peer position as a freshman helps you get ahead of the curve and allows you to share your experiences and better understand how you are adjusting to college life.

Having a job in college does not have to be stressful. On-campus jobs usually require only 10-15 hours per week and follow the same academic breaks and vacations, so there is no need to worry about class schedule conflicts or missing Thanksgiving at your Grandma’s. Perhaps more importantly, an on-campus job gives you an outlet to meet new people, make friends and get to know your school on a whole new level. It also challenges you to develop excellent communication skills which are useful for any major. Plus you get paid for it! Make sure to check out your university’s career center to line up an on-campus job for this fall.

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