The College Major: When To Choose, How To Choose, And How Many To Choose

One of the great things about college is being able to finally choose what you want to learn. It’s an amazing feeling knowing that you’re finally in charge of your learning and will be taking classes that suit your needs and interests. A large component of of this initiative-taking is picking a major.

Some of you will have already made up your mind before or while applying to colleges. Others will wait until after starting college to decide. Because your major determines what you’ll be learning at school, it’s important to choose wisely.

  • When To Choose. When is the best time to choose your major? I say the earlier, the better. That doesn’t mean that you should rush into choosing your major, or that you have to know what you want to major in before coming to college. Take time to think about it, but not too much time. The sooner you know what you want to do, the sooner you can dive into the subject matter. That way, you won’t find yourself scrambling to meet requirements your senior year of college. Some majors have more requirements than others, so if you’re leaning towards something unit-intensive like Engineering, start taking the prerequisite courses as soon as you can.
  • How To Choose. You’ll be the one doing the work and learning the material, so the choice should be yours and yours alone. Take into consideration advice from friends, family, and advisors, but ultimately do what’s best for you. Be aware of your priorities. What is more important to you? Majoring in something you’re passionate about, majoring in something practical, and/or majoring in something easy to keep your grades up? Everyone has their own personal reasons for their choice in major. Take into consideration your short-term and long-term goals, and be realistic about the type of student you are in regards to your academic strengths and weaknesses.
  • How Many To Choose. You don’t have to limit yourself to one major if you have multiple areas that strongly interests you or are beneficial for your career goals. Double or triple majoring is an option. I myself and pursuing a double major in Political Science and Communication, because both are relevant to my long-term goals. Before deciding to take on multiple majors, keep in mind that more majors equals more work. Taking up a minor instead might be a more viable option if your first major already has a lot of requirements, or depending on your schedule in general.

Keeping those things in mind, you should have a better idea of what you want to major in. Learning is that much more enjoyable when you get to choose what to learn.

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Pamela Nonga

Pamela Nonga

Pamela Nonga is a second year at the University of California Davis double majoring in Political Science and Communications. When she’s not theorizing about the greater meaning behind her day-to-day experiences on her blog, you can find her on a run, enjoying a blend of the outdoors and her favorite tunes. Pamela loves to read, write, and travel, and hopes to work in the fields of Journalism and Media as a career.
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