The Homebody’s Guide to Surviving College

I am a loud and proud homebody. Honestly, I would much rather spend my weekends in my apartment reading a book or three as opposed to going out to eat or to some other fun event with my friends. It may sound boring to some, but nothing suits me more than cuddling up in my bed and watching one of my favorite movies (anything involving Johnny Depp is an A+ in my book).

The title “homebody” usually means that you enjoy more relaxing activities in the comfort of your own home. I have been fortunate enough to meet many people who fall in this category along with me. In college, it may seem like you are pressured to use all of your free time in some way your peers deem acceptable, such as going out to the movies or shopping on the weekends. But do not let the pressure get to you.

If you fall under the category of a homebody, you are not alone! You can still completely enjoy your down time in college, often your weekends, without feeling as if you absolutely need to leave your home or your own comfort zone, wherever it may be. Need a little help on live to tell the tale of a homebody in college? Look no further!

  •  1. Don’t make plans just to break plans

As a homebody, I am guilty of breaking more plans than I would like to admit. It is a habit that I can confidently say I have broken through one trick and one trick only: I do not make plans! I know this may sound impossible and a little shady, but hear me out.

When someone invites you out on the weekend, you already know the answer you want to give the minute they ask. It’s not that you want to be rude or that you dislike the person asking but you already know that you want to spend the weekend in your dorm room or apartment watching Netflix for hours on end. And that’s okay! Honesty is key. Kindly let your friends know that you have other plans that do not involve missing a single episode of your pre-planned Scandal marathon (oh yes, this happens). Or simply let them know that you will try to make it, but you can’t make any promises.

  • 2. Homebodies can entertain

There is no homebody rule that says you can’t invite your friends over to your place to enjoy the pleasures of home with you. Have a movie marathon fully equipped with snacks and films galore. Being a homebody does not mean that you do not enjoy spending time with your friends, it simply means you enjoy spending time with your home as well. Extend a welcome invitation to your home and homebody activities. You never know, you may have a few converts on your hands.

  • 3. No pressure

There will more than likely be times in college where you feel pressured to accept an invitation for a night out on the town when you honestly don’t want to go. Your friends may call you up and virtually beg you to go out to dinner and shopping on Saturday and you may feel pressured to accept, even though all you really want to do is partake in the usual homebody activities.

Do not go out because of pressure. That will ultimately lead to you being a bit of a killjoy, ruining everyone else’s time because you are not fully enthralled in the activities. This pressure can also lead to you forcing yourself to have a good time and focus when all you can really think about is your bathrobe and fuzzy pink slippers you are eager to put your feet in. Pressure is never the beginning of a good time. If you just want to stay in and enjoy the pleasures of your home, then do so.

Being a homebody is something that many people may not be able to understand. It is difficult for some to grasp the concept of enjoying your house more than any shopping mall or restaurant around. But that is quite alright. There is absolutely no reason why you cannot enjoy your time in college without compromising your homebody status. Being who you truly are is the key to a good time. From one homebody to another, enjoy yourself!

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Ashlyn Porter

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