The Secret Pros of Summertime Away from Home

After freshman year, most students are more than eager to move back home- reuniting with high school buddies, returning to your childhood room, and mom’s famous spaghetti. What many of my peers forget about when they return home are their previous rules and curfews. After living a year independently, having to answer to your parents 10pm curfews or being told when to clean can be difficult. In order to avoid some summertime drama with your parents, I suggest considering the possibility of staying in your college town for the summer.

  • Allows for Summer Classes

I’m a student at Michigan State University and this summer I stayed in East Lansing which means, if I wanted to, I could still be taking a full load of classes (graduate early!) or even just a few credits. Although your hometown community college could provide summer courses for you to take, many universities are extremely picky about transfer credits- MSU being an example. Taking one or two classes gets you closer to graduating, but leaves you with enough free time to still enjoy your summer.

  • Less Distractions, More Focus

When returning home for the summer, previous employers may be unable to put you back on the schedule or payroll, if they are, awesome! But then there’s the issue of moving back on campus and asking that employer to rehire you. In my opinion, a lot of unnecessary hassle. Staying in town for the summer allows you to keep your campus job and more than likely work more hours than you can usually handle. For example, during the school year while taking 14 credit semesters, I could only handle about 12 hours of work per week. During the summer, with an open schedule, I’m working about 35-40 hours per week. With 2 or 3 days off a week, I am still able to visit home.

  • Cheap and Affordable Rent

Does this all sound great, but you have no idea where you would live? No worries! Many students who live in off campus apartments during the school year seek subleasers for the summer, so they can go home. A subleaser is someone who takes on a lease for a few months, usually only paying a fraction of the usual rent. For example, I’m currently staying in an apartment with my own bedroom and bathroom for $267 a month whereas rent here is usually $450 a month, what a steal! If you’re considering staying in town for the summer, start looking for sublets a few weeks before the end of school, but don’t settle right away! As summer nears, sublets will get cheaper and you’ll score a great summer living space. Additionally, living in an apartment for the summer will give you a good idea of whether or not you’d want to move off campus later on in your college career. And lets not forget, most apartment complexes have pools!

Going back home for the summer is great, and has all sorts of benefits but I think staying on campus for the summer is also an important consideration. It makes moving in the fall easier, as well as prevents any family feuds. Think it out, and do what’s best for you!

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Caitlin Leppert

Caitlin Leppert

Caitlin Leppert is a freshman at Michigan State University pursuing a degree in journalism. At MSU, she is a member of the Outdoors Club taking weekend adventures in nature. Caitlin also enjoys long boarding, Ray Charles, and, of course, writing.