The Top 4 TV Comedies Students Should Watch With Friends

You go to class all day Monday through Friday; and when you get any free time, it’s usually consumed by homework, homework, and more homework. Since life can sometimes seem unfair with the enormous workload you have on your plate, take time each week to relax with friends and watch TV. Comedies directed towards college-aged students are the perfect getaway when stress from school is taking over. Here’s a list of four TV comedies my friends and I have laughed through during my college career:

  • Trailer Park Boys: Although this is the oldest show with the lowest budget of the bunch, it’s a classic for college students. Roughly based off the Canadian “trailer park” life, this show has memorable main characters that play their part almost too well. Bug-eyed Bubbles loves kittens, Julian is never seen without a drink in his hand, and Ricky is just trying to be the best dad he can be. There’s not much of a plot to the show and the characters repeatedly wear the same clothes, but that simplicity is what makes the show so lighthearted and funny. The episodes are only a half hour long so they’re perfect to watch quickly when you only have a little time.
  • It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia: This is another show that has short half hour stand-alone episodes, making it an easy one when you’re crunched for time. This comedic gang of four, with the addition of Danny DeVito, runs a bar where they do everything a little different than normal. “The Gang” (as they call themselves) always find their way into strange mishaps each episode. They seem to find logical ways of justifying their ways out of these mishaps, which tend to be completely backwards. Their crazy interactions with each other are dramatic yet hilarious, and have me crying through the whole episode.
  • Portlandia: Part of the Independent Film Channel (IFC), this is one for you Netflix users. It takes place in Portland, Oregon, which prides itself for individuality and being anything but mainstream. The two main actors play all the characters in the short few-minute skits, using satire to draw attention to the prototypical nonconformist in Western culture.   
  • Important Things with Demetri Martin: For those of you that enjoy stand-up, comedian Demetri Martin flaunts his creativity with his sketch-variety show, with emphasis on creativity. His awkward yet funny persona meshes perfectly with his witty play-on-words. What I find most impressive is how he accompanies his comedy with sketches, drawing them with both hands at the same time! Easily the most ambidextrous person I’ve witnessed, Martin can draw anything with either hand while simultaneously doing a million other things. You can also follow him on Twitter, where he tweets sketches and other funny things daily. 

Although I’m not encouraging distraction from schoolwork, a short break away from the books is always healthy for students. It’s easier to retain information when you break up your studying, instead of doing it all at once. Over the years I’ve found short comedy shows to be the most relaxing and stress-free way to do this. These are all shows that somebody is bound to have some seasons of, you can watch on Netflix, or can watch online. When you’re starting to feel overwhelmed by the books, round up a group of friends, make a bag of popcorn and watch these comedies.

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Jordyn Timpson

Jordyn Timpson

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