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As summer draws to an end, college students are moving back into the dorms and trying to think about the various things needed for college. There are the essentials like bedding, towels, school supplies, and your clothes, but there are some “must haves” and things needed for college to make your dorm room one of the coolest on campus.

Before you run out and buy the things needed for college that you think will be cool for your room, check with your roommate and make sure they are on board with every purchase. Plus if you check with your roommate you guys can figure out a way to split the costs! Don’t immediately assume that you have to buy everything in order for your room to be cool.

First you should consider rearranging your room. The stock arrangements that your room will be set up in are far from desirable. Don’t be afraid to move your beds, desks, wardrobes, etc. around to a better location.

Think outside of the box too! Often you can loft your bed and have a nice hangout spot underneath. Or even just a little extra floor space for you and your roommate. You can even bunk your beds for a whole new level of floor space! Get creative and find the right arrangement for you.

Once you have found the perfect layout for your room, it’s time to fill it with the best gadgets and gizmos.

One of the first things needed for college is a mini fridge for your room. You never know when hunger may strike, or when you’ll get a late night craving so it’s better to be prepared with a fully stocked fridge. You can find fridges at almost any main department store and around move in time there are plenty of sales so you can find one fairly inexpensive.

After your fridge, another one of the things needed for college is either a coffee maker or electric teakettle or even both! On rainy days you spend in your room watching Netflix (or studying) you’ll want a nice warm cup of something to sip on. And walking all of the way to your cafeteria will be out of the question.

Some things to get to add a little comfort to your room are both a fan and some sort of air freshener.

Candles are typically not allowed in dorms, but that doesn’t mean your room can’t smell lovely. There are many flameless candles, air fresheners and even scentsy wax warming plates. They are a great investment and you’ll be thankful when your roommate starts forgetting to take the trash out.

Fans are useful especially in older dorms where AC isn’t an option. That way you can cool off without disturbing your roommate.

Now that you have all of the basics things needed for college covered. It’s time to think about the extras.

To be the coolest room in the dorm you need to have something to attract people to your room. Speakers are a great way to bring people by flocks to your room. Speakers are usually more of a “guy thing” but girls feel free to get some great speakers too! Be careful with how loud you play your music though. Especially at night, you don’t want to disturb your neighbors and have your RA banging at your door.

If speakers aren’t your thing, a TV may be a better option. You can get some great TVs for fairly cheap through Craigslist. Once you have a TV the options are endless. You can get a gaming system and host game nights in your room. Have a Wii competition and show everyone a great time.

Or you can host movie nights in your room! Have everyone else bring snacks and you hold the coolest room. Plus with all these new series out on Netflix and Hulu everyone can come over to keep up with their favorite shows.

Whatever you do with your dorm, the most important thing you can do is make your space your own. Dorm rooms can feel impersonal, but that doesn’t have to be how you spend your time there. I hope sharing these things needed for college help you get started on the right foot. Good luck!

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