Three of the Easiest Ways to Avoid the Freshman 15

The “freshman 15” is not a myth…it’s something evil that should be taken very seriously. As a victim, I am here to tell you it’s real and it’ll get you if you do not properly prepare yourself. Your lifestyles change in college and your tummy, unfortunately, is usually what suffers the most.
But there are ways to prevent putting on those extra pounds. A lot of those ways, however, are usually incredibly difficult to do regularly if you hate dieting or exercising like I do.
For those of you who are more like me, here are three of the easiest ways to keep your figure in college:

1. Walk to class.

Waking up in time to walk to class is something that doesn’t seem too hard for new students to do at first, when the idea of their college schedules is still pretty exciting. But it’s not long before the excitement of their new classes wears off, making it easier to instead set the snooze alarm for an extra twenty minutes and just catch the bus.
But for people like me who don’t go to the gym as often as they should (which, for me, was never, ever), the workout you get from just simply walking to class is a great way to get some daily, healthy exercise. If you are running late, ride your bike to class. Having this physical activity every day is a great way to stay in shape and is so much easier than taking extra time out of your week to make your way to the gym.

2. Avoid the delivery after 10pm.

It’s crazy how late restaurants stay open in college towns. Is the restaurant you’re craving not within walking distance to you? That’s okay, because most likely, anything you would want to eat also delivers. So no matter what time it is, your favorite McBurger-Burrito is just a phone call away. The convenience… The ease… The delicious, greasy food…
You don’t need me to tell you that’s bad for you. You’re smart college kids, you guys know that. And obviously I’m not here to tell you to stop eating those delicious snacks. I’m sure it’s great. But to maintain that physique of yours, I would highly recommend avoiding the fast-food after 10pm. Eating fatty foods before bed is very bad for your digestion and can quickly add a thick layer of, as I like to describe it, “protective karate fat” around your torso. Sticking to the healthier midnight snacks like cereal or granola bars will definitely help to prevent adding those extra pounds.

3. Sleep.

Yes, sleep. Studies have shown that people who have regular sleep schedules actually have an easier time losing weight than those who do not sleep regularly. During REM sleep, your brain’s metabolism rises quite significantly. Keeping a regular sleep schedule helps your body get used to the rise in metabolism when it’s around the same time, which will make the effects much more noticeable.
It is not uncommon for most college students to adjust their sleep schedule to help cater to the strenuous academic and social life they are now having, sometimes even cutting out hours of sleep altogether. This is obviously not healthy. Instead, try to take fewer naps during the day and go to bed earlier so you are able to get a much longer and deeper night’s sleep. You’ll feel fresher the next day and your body will be rejuvenated…almost like that feeling you get after working out in a gym. …or so I’ve heard.

Easy, right? And you don’t have to register at the gym just yet. Now go have fun, you skinny thing, you.

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Betsy Loeb

Betsy Loeb

Betsy Loeb is a senior at the University of Illinois majoring in Broadcast Journalism. She lacks the ability to draw, so she loves being able to express her creativity instead through her writing. She considers herself the “coolest nerd,” spending many Friday nights indoors playing Guitar Hero and discussing Pokemon cards with her friends.