Three Unique Ways To Branch Out In College

College opens students up to a whole campus of possibilities for how to spend free time.  Yet, the average choices leave some eyes glazing over at the mere description of them.  Anyone can join student government, Greek systems or an independent publication.  Despite this variety of choices, some still yearn for a more alternative approach to meeting friends.  Perhaps, you want to focus more on the arts or running around like a mad man, but first, you must find the proper outlets.  Luckily, I happen to have enough expertise in odd events to share my knowledge with you incoming freshmen!

Humans Versus Zombies

Alright, now I want you to picture a game of tag, except with bloodthirsty subhumans chasing after you every moment of the day.  Okay, so maybe it is not as intense as a Hollywood blockbuster, but Human Versus Zombies (shortened to HvZ) is the best game of tag around on any college campus.  Basically, one team (the chased) is labeled as “human” and wears a certain color of bandana to signify their team.  The “it” team (the chasers) are the “zombies,” and it is their duty to feed (or tag) at least one human every few days or risk starvation.

Humans can also defend themselves by freezing the attacker with a sock (or nerf gun on some campuses).  When a human is tagged, they then change their bandana to the other color to represent their turning into a zombie.  Kills are registered and kept track of online (at  This site also makes it fairly easy to start up a game on campus, if yours does not have one already.  HvZ is becoming increasingly popular across the United States. Banding together with others for survival really makes for great friendship building!

Flash Mobs

Believe it or not, breaking spontaneously into choreographed dance routines is becoming pretty popular on college campuses.  Especially with cases such as the viral hit “Gangnam Style,” more and more universities are coming out with groups trying their hand at the cultural phenomenon that is flash mobs.  They can be done for any feasible reason, be it protesting, advertising or just plain fun.  For instance, I have a girl who lives in my dorm that makes a new flash mob for any holiday.  She has done a Valentine’s Day dance and even choreographed a mob to promote her friend’s new website.

Some do not even have to be dancing.  In my time on campus, I have even seen people randomly start to perform big musical numbers.  The bottom line is: if you put in the effort and have fun, you will meet quite a few amazing people in this type of activity.  I can honestly say that I have met quite a few of my good friends through events like this put on by my residence hall.  When you get together to create something, the process really brings people together.

Plays, Musicals, Singing Groups, Oh My!

This last activity may seem a little daunting, especially if you are not too certain in your artistic skills.  Never fret because you do not even have to be gifted in the fine art areas to get involved in these programs.  Perhaps, you are not the best actor/actress, but you would love to work with set, costumes or even lighting.  There is room for students of all talents and skill levels in the arts.  Plus, these are the type of extracurriculars that make employers stop and think.  You are still doing a fair amount of work and having a great time doing it!

One of the most fulfilling aspects of helping with productions is how invested you get in the show and the people in it.  Your cast mates, or what have you, practically become your family after working closely for weeks.  Through all the hard work and hours, the final product really makes the entire process worthwhile. I can guarantee if you are willing to put forth the time commitment, you will make amazing connections with even greater people.

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Tori Stukins

Tori Stukins

Tori Stukins is a sophomore at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign pursuing a degree in Broadcast Journalism with a minor in Theatre. On campus, Tori can often be found working on various projects for Her Campus Illinois, acting in a production or reading. While at home, she enjoys working at her family’s restaurant or exploring with her friends.