Time Management Tips For Students

“My friend’s having a party on Saturday night, I have volleyball practice on Sunday morning and my sister’s coming to visit on Sunday afternoon…BUT my 10-page English paper is due on Monday morning at 9am followed by my Chemistry mid-term.  Yikes!”

Time is one of the most difficult things for students to manage effectively.  A lot of students struggle with balancing their classes, attending sports practice or extracurricular events, and managing their social life, all while still earning an “A” at a top-ranked college.

Below, I’ll share 3 tips on effective time management for students.

Tip 1 – Plan ahead. Your mind can retain the most information when your brain is fresh and well-rested.  If you have an exam or big paper coming up, then you should plan to study or complete the assignment in small chunks so that you don’t wear yourself out.  When studying, make sure you take breaks every 45 minutes and avoid studying for long periods of time because it will just make your brain too tired.

Tip 2 – Visual Study Guides. Studies show that visual representations of material learned in class help students grasp and retain information a lot faster than traditional methods of studying.  If you are trying to learn a complex subject matter, try to transform your notes into a visual representation that makes sense to you – this could be a flow chart, mind map, graph, etc.  This will help you study faster and save you a lot of time.

Tip 3 – Prioritize. You should have a planner with you at all times.  Every day, make a list of the things that you have to get done.  Next, number each task in order of priority.  In other words, figure out what you need to do right now and determine what can wait until later.  If an assignment is due in a few hours, but you have a history exam tomorrow, then you should probably complete the assignment before reviewing your history notes.  If you have a big test coming up, but a party that you want to attend the day before the exam, make sure you start studying for the test a few weeks in advance and stick to a schedule.

If you start implementing these tips into your daily routine, then you’ll find that it will become a lot easier to effectively manage your time.  Good luck!

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