Tips For “Staying Green” In College

Preserving the environment is quickly becoming one of the most talked about issues both on and off college campuses. However, for some students, maintaining a “green” lifestyle during their college years may seem like a challenge.

However, with a few helpful tips, you’ll discover it’s very easy to make eco-friendly choices regardless of where you live. Click below for suggestions suited for dorm rooms, apartments, and off-campus houses!

Plastic bags can produce an enormous amount of waste, and are easily eliminated. Instead of accumulating more and more plastic bags every time you go shopping, try using a reusable bag instead! Not only do these bags help cut down on waste, they might save you some money in the process as some stores offer discounts for using them.

Make sure you are actively recycling no matter your living situation. Almost every dorm room should come with a recycling bin. If you’re confused about what items your school or surrounding community recycles, check online or in your student handbook for more details.

For students living off campus, composting may be another attractive way to cut down on food waste. My roommates and myself have repurposed a sealed flour container for our in-house composting, which we periodically empty in a designated area outside.

Farmer’s markets and recycling, or “up-cycling” crafts are also a great way to support your local community or provide goods for any fundraisers you may be involved with – all while making sustainable choices.

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Emily Margosian

Emily Margosian

Emily Margosian is a senior at Augustana College, and is pursuing degrees in Political Science and Multimedia Journalism. She currently reports for her campus newspaper, The Augustana Observer, in addition to serving as sustainability co-chair within her sorority. When not participating in activities on campus, Emily enjoys searching for new recipes to experiment with. She hopes to one day do public relations work for art-based non-profit organizations
Emily Margosian

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