Top 10 Most Common College Student Jobs

As college tuition costs continues to increase, most college students are forced to get part-time (or ever full-time) jobs to help with their college expenses.  While the financial benefits that come with having a job are great, there are also many other skills that a college student can learn by having job, like networking and social skills.

Since students will be heading back to college soon, I wanted to provide you with the top 10 most common college student jobs.  If you’re struggling to find a job on campus or just aren’t sure where to look, hopefully this list will help inspire some new ideas.

  • 1.  Waiter/Waitress

Every college town has restaurants and coffee shops, so it’s pretty common for college students to seek out jobs as waiters or waitresses.  The hours are flexible, you can earn tips, and you can improve your social skills.  While the job can get a little stressful when the restaurant is crowded, overall, this is a fun and relatively easy job for college students to get.

  • 2.  Babysitting

Babysitting is another common job for college students.  Some parents prefer to hire college students because they tend to be more responsible and mature than high school students.  If you’re interested in babysitting, check the bulletin board around campus or try posting ads on sites like or

  • 3.  Tutor

Are you great at Math or some other subject?  If so, then maybe you could become a tutor.  A lot of colleges offer tutoring services right on campus.  Do some research and find out if a program like this exists at your school.  If not, then maybe you can land a job as a tutor for local high school or junior high students.

  • 4.  Bank Teller

Every college town has several different banks located on and around campus, so snagging a job as bank teller is often very common among college students.  This type of experience is particularly useful if you are considering majoring in accounting or finance.  Also, the pay is typically higher than most other college jobs.

  • 5.  Resident Advisor

A Resident Advisor or “RA” is usually a college upperclassman who educates, counsels, and provides resources for students living on their dorm room floor. While these positions typically aren’t paid, RA’s usually receive free housing and a small stipend at the end of the semester.

For more detailed information on Resident Advisors, read my post: What is a Resident Advisor?

  • 6.  Computer Lab Assistant

Computer lab assistants help students who having trouble understanding different software programs or troubleshoot other computer-related problems.  If you’re tech-savvy, then maybe you should consider seeking out a job as a computer lab assistant.

  • 7.  Library Assistant

While organizing books on a shelf and helping students check out books isn’t exactly glamorous, applying for a job as a library assistant might not be a bad idea.  The library is conveniently located on campus and the job is fairly easy.  This is the type of job will accommodate almost any student’s schedule.

  • 8.  Campus Bookstore

Again, not the most glamorous job, but definitely a good fit for college students.  Given the size of most campus bookstores, there are typically a lot of job opportunities for college students (especially during the beginning of the semester).  So, if you’re looking for a job that is conveniently located on campus and is fairly easy, you might want to consider applying to the campus bookstore.

  • 9.  Clerical or Administrative Work

Each college (i.e. college of business, college of education, college of nursing, etc.) typically has student workers who perform various administrative and clerical tasks.  Jobs like this can usually be found on bulletin boards around campus.  If you can’t find them there, don’t be afraid to reach out to the department heads.

  • 10.  College Newspaper, Radio, or TV

For those students majoring in journalism or broadcasting, working for the campus newspaper, radio, or television will offer great experience.  These are all fun positions to have and they also will look great on your resume.

Leave me a comment if you can think of other jobs that could be added to this list.

Good luck!

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