Top 25 Colleges for B students

Just because you are a so-so student does not mean you are not eligible to go to a four year college.

There are plenty of schools that accept students that have below average to average test scores. Even if you are doubting your GPA and test scores, it is always helpful to talk to your counselor because they may know of colleges that you would be eligible to attend out of high school.

These schools are great schools, they accept B students. have higher acceptance rates and can tend to be selective depending on your GPA and test scores. As long as you have the determination you will be able to succeed in college and maybe even become an A+ student.

It is important to still pick a great school even if you have less than perfect grades. Some people feel that only A students should carry on to a four year university after college. In my experience, that is not true at all. Many student excel in college and whether they remain an B student or an become an A student, in the end it is about one goal which is getting your degree.

I was surprised to see what schools were in the top B list categories because I would classify them as being prestigious. For those students who are unaware of the good school they can get into the U.S. News and World Report created a list of the top A+ schools for B students. Here are the top 25 colleges for B students.

1. Pepperdine University

2. Fordham University

3. Syracuse University

4. Purdue University – West Lafayette

5. Rutgers, the State University New Jersey – New Brunswick

6. Michigan State University

7. University of Iowa

8. University of Delaware

9. Baylor University

10. SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry

11. University of Alabama

12. Clark University

13. Drexel University

14. Indiana University – Bloomington

15. Marquette University

16. Auburn University

17. Miami University – Oxford

18. St. Louis University

19. Stony Brook University – SUNY

20. Texas Christian University

21. University of Vermont

22. Florida State University

23. University of Colorado – Boulder

24. University of Massachusetts – Amherst

25. University of Missouri

Personal experience

In high school I was considered a B student. When it came to academics, I did well but just not the best. After I got my ACT scores back I made the decision to continue on with my education by going away to college, so I can relate to students who are researching colleges for B students.

Grades do not always determine if you are able to go away to college. It is one determining factor of whether you will succeed or not but it is all up to how determined you are to succeed after high school. I know many students who were A students that decided to not continue with their education or to just get a certificate at a technical school. I am not saying those are bad decisions, but my point is that any student can continue on to college despite what their grades are in high school.

Since being in college, I have made the dean’s list and excelled in my college program. I am highly active on campus and have done my fair share of college internships.

I am thankful everyday for taking the step to research colleges for B students and deciding to go to college despite what my parents or mentors recommended. Studying and learning is not easy for everyone. Some people have to work harder and others have to work less. What is important is knowing what you have to do to succeed and only common sense will be able to grant you that.

My advice to B students is if your dream is to go a university then go. Do not let the doubt of not being an A student stop you.

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