Top 3 Most Unnecessary Furnishings for Freshman Year of College

When you’re looking at your freshman dorm, it might be hard to fight the excitement to fill it with all the amenities that you have at home.

Dorm rooms can feel a lot like animal pens as it is, so don’t clutter the little space you have!Waiting to buy some of these commonly found items will allow you to optimize your space for more important items, like a big TV or a mini-fridge.

The Sturdy Lamp

This is a commonly purchased item that you might find on a number of freshman desks in any dorm. What you might not notice is how little a lamp is really used during your first years of college. If you don’t have an apartment, chances are you’re in a small room that’s flooded with florescent light. In that kind of cramped space, you don’t have lighting issues. A lamp is going to end up an expensive paperweight or get thrown in the closet because you’ll find that you barely have enough room to put your laptop and school books.

The Towering Bookcase

I’ll be the first to admit that nothing pulls a room together like a nice bookcase filled with your favorite novels, but as an incoming freshman this piece of furniture is just going to get in the way. Freshman living spaces are typically on the small side. While a bookcase is a great investment when you have your own bedroom, dorm rooms quickly become overcrowded with just one or two roommates sharing the space with you. If you’re thinking of purchasing a bookcase, just remember you’re going to have move all the books you want to fill it with as well. Keeping this in mind, you’re adding a lot of unnecessary difficulty to your move in, while also crowding the already limited freshman living space.

The Mighty Microwave

At first glance the microwave may appear to be the ultimate appliance for a freshman, but there’s numerous reasons why this maybe the most unnecessary purchase you could make. Being able to heat up meals in minutes is convenient, but these days its rare for a freshman hall to not have a microwave within walking distance. Not too mention, most microwaveable dinners are high in sodium and fat, which is not going to do your body any favors in the long run. Also, a microwave is not a cheap investment. When you move out, you’ll begin to wonder why you’re lugging this appliance around. Especially considering that your future homes are going to be furnished with a microwave. In the end this quick cooker will just collect dust in a closet.

While you may not agree with my opinions here, I can honestly say I wish I hadn’t ended up bring these items to my dorm freshman year. Many of my friends share these regrets too. Space is precious during your first years of college, so don’t waste it with unneeded furnishings. You’ll have the rest of your life to fill rooms with all these amenities and more.

Disagree? Share your own thoughts in the comments section below!

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Ryan Schapals

Ryan Schapals

Ryan Schapals is a senior at DePaul University studying Creative Writing and Psychology. Outside of class, Ryan can be found working in the Pysch Lab or at a local health clinic. When he's not distracted by cat videos, he tries to balance his time between playing guitar, writing prose, and running around the soccer field.