Top 3 Things To Avoid During Finals Week

Finals week: hands-down the most stressful time for students. Not only is the week itself a rough one, but the weeks leading up to it are as well. As I’m currently finishing up my third year in college, I’ve seen students do all sorts of crazy things when finals week comes around. Maybe it’s the lack of sleep and food, combined with an over-abundance of studying and energy drinks; but regardless, this time of the year brings out the crazy in people. So as a newcomer to college, there are a few things you should avoid doing during finals.

  • Avoid procrastination: If you get an assignment that isn’t due for another two weeks, you do it right away so you don’t have to worry about it, right? Probably not. Students are notorious for waiting until the last possible minute to do their work. While this might be okay do to throughout the majority of the semester, once finals loom near, you need to be on top of all your work. Students always procrastinate and end up pulling multiple all-nighters cramming everything in last minute. Doing this makes it hard to retain the information and causes a lot of stress. Although it’s hard to find motivation, try forcing yourself to study a couple weeks prior to finals.
  • Don’t keep partying: This seems like a no-brainer, but it’s sometimes surprising how many students continue to drink and go to the bars the week of finals. Staying in or going out around this time is a hard decision because these are the last couple weeks you have left to see your friends. Before you all part your separate ways for the summer you want to go out with them as many times as possible. While this is ideal, I advise you refrain from doing this. Too many times I’ve heard horror stories of people drinking and not waking up in time for their exam. If this happens, professors won’t tolerate it and most definitely won’t give you a second chance. You can have a good time hanging out with your friends the last couple weeks without drinking and being irresponsible. Besides, don’t you want to actually remember the good times?
  • Don’t spend all your time studying: Don’t let your parents see this one! What I mean is you can easily over-study. It doesn’t sound possible, but if you are studying literally 24/7, your brain is going to go into overload. It’s easier to retain the information you’re studying if you give yourself study breaks occasionally to let your mind rest for a while. Also like I said earlier, these are your last few weeks to be with your school friends before everyone parts, so you also want to make time to hang out. If you’re worried about balancing hanging out and studying, combine them! Your friends have finals too, so go to the library or the coffee shop and study together. Not only will you get studying out of the way, you’ll also have someone there to have fun study breaks with.

I would be lying if I said finals week isn’t that bad—it truly is the roughest time of the year. Balancing a social life and studying is always the biggest challenge, but it can be relatively easy if you prepare sooner rather than later. Studying a few weeks in advance is tough but will be beneficial in the end.

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Jordyn Timpson

Jordyn Timpson

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