Top 4 Deadlines All College-Bound Students Must Know

By the time you are a senior in high school, due dates are nothing new. We have all been through spelling test Fridays in elementary school, book report Mondays in middle school, and lab report Thursdays in high school.

However, deadlines will shortly, if they haven’t already, be popping up on you everywhere. College has a deadline for pretty much every step you take. When you are in that final stretch of senior year, and while getting used to your freshman year of college, watch out for these important deadlines:

Application Deadlines: The date that is listed under the application deadline is not a suggestion. It isn’t the college’s way of saying, “we’d like your application by…” It’s actually their way of saying, “save your postage stamp if you’re licking the envelope even one day after this deadline.” The admission office usually closes their door after that date, so send you’re application AND other requirements in early so you don’t get locked out.

FAFSA Deadlines: Chances are you will be amongst the two thirds of college undergrads that require financial assistance to pay for school. The FAFSA process is long and tedious, and needs to be started sooner rather than later. If you miss the application deadline, you may be missing out on thousands of dollars.

Registration Deadlines: Once you have selected the college you want to attend you must register for the classes you want and are required to take. Students are given a “start” time to begin registering for classes. At this time you want to begin registering right away. If you wait too long a class may fill up without you in it. There is also a deadline that you MUST register by. If you do not register for classes by this time you may have to wait until the following semester to enroll.

Add/Drop Deadlines: If you are enrolled in a class and you soon realize it’s not the right class for you at the time, you must drop it ASAP. After a certain deadline you cannot add a class to your schedule or drop it without penalty. Dropping a class after the add/drop deadline will result in a “W” (withdrawal) grade on your transcript. A W does not affect your GPA as an “F” would, but it may affect your financial aid or full-time status. Also, if you plan on applying to graduate school or a specialized program later on, numerous “Ws” do not make for the best credentials.

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Lisa Manente

Lisa Manente

Lisa Manente is a senior at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT. She will be graduating with the BA in Media Studies and Communications in May. Editing the Entertainment section for her university’s newspaper and magazine has fueled her passion for entertainment journalism, which is the career path she plans to explore. In her free time she enjoys reading, traveling, listening to music, and catching up on celebrity gossip.