Top 4 Reasons to Attend a Community College

As you are beginning to apply to different colleges you may also begin to wonder how you are going to be able to afford it or get used to living away from home.  These thoughts are what makes starting at a community college appeal to many high school graduates.

On the downside, many students do not choose the community college route because they want to go away to school like their friends and they hear a lot of negative things about community colleges.

If you are one of those students that is stuck when deciding between a four-year university and starting out at a community college, read on for the benefits of choosing the community college.

Save Money on Tuition

This is the number one reason people decide to attend a community college.   Simply, the classes are cheaper.  It is also cheaper because many students that choose the community college route also choose to live at home while in school.  Room and board cost a lot of money so being able to take that off your list of things to worry about helps a lot.

Get Gen-Eds Out of the Way

A lot of students really struggle with the general education classes because most of them are not what they would like to study or are good at.  They are required so it would be much more worth the money to be able to pay less to take them, especially if it is not counting for your major.  Also, often the classes at community colleges are smaller and allow for more help from the teacher if you are struggling.  The best part of taking the general education classes at a community college is that the classes transfer to most four-year universities, so you can take them for cheaper, do well and boost your GPA, then transfer to the four-year university that you would like to finish your degree at.

You Have Time to Decide What You Want to Study

So many students enter college undecided on what they want to major in.  After going through the general education classes for the first year or so, students will start figuring out what they want to study.  A lot of students will even switch their majors a few times.  By taking the time to get through the general education classes and choose a major at a community college you can end up saving a lot of money and time.

Community College is Flexible

Community colleges usually are more flexible regarding busy schedules, which is ideal if you want to work a lot while attending school.  Students at community colleges are able to finish school at their own pace more so than those at a university.

There are many benefits of attending a community college.  Whatever the reason, students need to fully weigh their options before making the choice.  Whether you end up attending a four-year university or start off at a community college, choose the school that seems to be the best fit for you!

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