Top 5 College Scholarship Search Tools

With the creation of the internet, scholarships searches have gotten even easier. At the tip of your fingers you can click and apply for hundreds of scholarships. Some require essays, some transcripts, some high GPAs, while some are just the luck of the draw. Your high school counselors office should have a selection of scholarships, but they might not fit you personally. Plus, there’s always a higher chance of getting the scholarships if you apply for more than just a couple.

So why not search for some more? To help you on your search I’ve got my 5 top places to start your search.

1) Fastweb  – Fastweb is one of the most popular sites and I say it’s for good reason. It’s the most organized. You’re required to sign up, but by giving your information they’ll match your interests, GPA, major or experiences. In addition, they have sweepstakes, promotions, and a variety of articles on managing student finances. There’s information for career planning and those interested in the military as well. Once you’ve searched for and been matched up to scholarships you can organize them to work on and apply for as the deadlines approach.

2) College Prowler – College Prowler might be more focused overall on finding the school for you, but that isn’t completely exclusive to finding scholarships. You don’t have to sign up to see their scholarships as well. The plus side of signing up though is their scholarships – such as the $2,000 no essay one – and their updates to new scholarships that you can apply for. You can search for a plethora of scholarships based on careers, interests, major, military, race, religion, sports, or state. The deadlines are clearly listed and if you can apply online there is a big green apply button you can click on to fill in all the information to apply.

3) Cappex – While narrowed down into a more simple structure, Cappex has their variety of scholarships. Some of them are sponsored by Cappex, while others are company and organization based. It will also match you to merit scholarships based on the schools you are looking at. If you sign up they will match you up to scholarships as well, but it’s a more limited, neat, and simple selection process and organization structure to their website. If you want to just focus on a few scholarships this might be the best search site for you.

4) Student Scholarships – Not as visually appealing as the rest, but it does have a collection of information to help you through scholarships, careers and college. There’s career and salary information as well as major information. Their scholarship list on their website changes so you can keep coming back, but you can also register to get their newsletter and updates. It’s a smaller selection than the other sites, but will have other scholarships than the others, so it’s not bad to check it out.

5) The schools you are applying to! Every school has their own collection of scholarships and assistance for students. Some of them will put you in the selection process just by applying, but others you have to look on their website for the scholarships to apply for. Definitely check out your top two or three schools’ scholarship selections and apply to them. The amount of money you can get for each school could influence your college choice – so make these applications early on.

There is a variety of information on scholarships out there. The entire process requires you to find what works and fits for you. If you have a very specific hobby, interest, or major it’ll be easier for you to find those scholarships. If not, try to look at a few sites and apply to the more general scholarships. These tools will help keep you on top of the application process before time runs out.

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Mollie Diedrich

Mollie Diedrich

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