Top 5 Free Smartphone Apps for Class

Smartphones are all over the place, especially on college campuses.  And they have apps that can help with just about anything.  “There’s an app for that,” is quite a common phrase nowadays.  There are gaming and social media apps, as well as many others that provide entertainment, but there are some apps that could help with your education.  Here are five free apps to download for class.

  • inClass: inClass lets you add all of your classes for the semester including their time, location, professor and type of class.  You can add assignments and reminders for their due dates.  You can sort your assignments in a to do list by course, date or priority.  You can even color coat them to differentiate between classes.  You can take notes and separate them by class.  You can add your instructors’ information including office location, phone number and e-mail address.  You can hold multiple semesters in the app, so you can look back to previous semesters or look forward to upcoming semesters.
  • There will always be a time when you need to look up some word in a dictionary, but you more than likely don’t always have a dictionary on you.  The app includes a Word of the Day, Question of the Day, Spanish Word of the Day and a blog.  You can mark favorite words, and search for any word in a dictionary or a thesaurus.  It’s really helpful if you miss a vocab word during a lecture or need to use a different word while writing an essay.
  • GPA Calculator: Knowing your GPA is important for everyone in college.  Some majors may require a certain grade point average before declaring your major; scholarship applications will ask for it, as well as many other forms.  There are many GPA Calculator apps, and they all function essentially the same way.  Plug in your classes, how many credits each class was worth and the grade you received or expect to receive.  Out pops your GPA.
  • FREE (insert language) Essentials: Loaded with different ways to study, this app will be helpful learning a new language.  You can practice with flashcards, hear pronunciation and take a quiz, visually or audibly.  It includes nouns, adjectives, verbs and all basic words necessary for an easier level conversation.  Be sure to use it as a study partner.
  • Your university’s app: This app could be helpful multiple times every day.  My university’s app includes a campus map, news, events calendar, athletics, weather, multimedia, student polls, pictures, videos and more.  I use it to find out when our gymnastics meets are, search for a building to meet a professor or even exactly what day Finals Week starts.  It provides me with links to our social media networks, the campus shuttle tracker, a faculty and staff directory and information on courses.

Technology has become a necessity in our world; as you walk down the sidewalk of a major city, you can’t even count how many people have some sort of handheld technology out being used.  Use these apps to help during class and in other ways on campus.

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Jillian Jensen

Jillian Jensen

Jillian Jensen is a junior at the University of Utah majoring in Mass Communication with an emphasis in Print Journalism. Jillian is involved with student government and Greek Row at the U. Her biggest hobbies are writing, traveling and photography, but she also loves playing and teaching piano, skiing, dancing, sports and spending time with her family, friends and dog.
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