Top 5 Phone Numbers You’ll Need to Survive College

When’s the last time you picked up your phone, dialed a number, and talked to someone? It’s probably been a while and that’s understandable. Text messaging and emails are the way of the land; easy and fast.

Here is me telling you, in college, it’s a lot harder to keep yourself behind text. Communication is key and email doesn’t cut it a lot of the time. This list is the top five phone numbers I think you should have programmed into your phone.

Financial aid office

I have yet to encounter someone who has not had questions regarding money. College is a hefty sum of money and you are bound to have a question about loans, jobs, scholarships, and various other sources of money.

Around the time FAFSA (Free Application for Student Aid) is due, financial aid is one of the most helpful resources. If you are having issues regarding any of the forms you need to fill out, they will be a great help.

Even if you feel like you have everything under control, sometimes it is beneficial to go in and just talk over your financial situation. If you have most of your school paid for one year, it might change for the next year so it’s always a good idea to plan ahead for future funds.

Your academic advisor

You might feel like you are blindly thrown into college and expected to figure everything out on your own. That’s a natural feeling but it is definitely not true. One of my main sources of information regarding classes and scheduling has been my academic advisor.

They will take you through what you need to do in order to graduate. If you have a specific major picked out, they will make sure you are taking the proper courses to get a degree. They will also let you know which general education courses you will need to take (don’t worry, these aren’t as horrible as you might think.)

The best part of an academic advisor is, even if you don’t have any idea what you want to do, they will help! I was lucky to have a good hold on what I wanted to major in but I know that many go into college with little to no idea. They will talk you through your interests and dislikes to help you start pursuing a path that will be best for you.

The department of your major

Even though your academic advisor will be a really big help, they will only be able to help you so much with your major. They can give you a general idea of what you’ll need to do to get to graduation but there is so much more you’ll need over your four years.

Internships are a huge deal when it comes to college. They are your ticket to a wonderful looking resume that will help you in the work force after you graduate. One way to go about finding some that are tailored to your major is talking to someone in your department. They’ll have all of the resources you’ll need in order to keep on track to getting experience where needed.

They will also be the people who can get you connections. Talent and hard work is only part of the battle when it comes to life after college. The other part of finding your way is networking. The people in your department will have a plethora of connections that will benefit you as you go forward on your career path.

Student health

Being sick in college is not fun. I mean, it’s never a good experience but without your parents to help you through it, it’s even worse. Without anyone to bring you soup and crackers, sometimes just a simple doctor’s visit can get you on track to feeling better.

Student health isn’t only for getting your ear infection checked out, there are a bunch of other services that might come in handy over your college years including: allergy shots, immunizations, birth control, and plenty of handy services.

Food places that deliver

I don’t care how silly this may seem, you will use the delivery service during your stay in college. Personally, my school does not serve dinner on Sundays making me figure out another source of food besides the dining hall. I can’t tell you how many times I was too lazy to go walk downtown to get food and instead ordered Jimmy Johns.

There will be nights where you’ll be hard at work in your dorm room and don’t feel the energy to make or get food. That’s when you’ll thank yourself for the phone numbers of pizza and sandwich shops.

So do yourself a favor and do some research before moving into college. Get your phone out and program in all necessary numbers in order to keep your college life easy and successful.

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Abby Thomas

Abby Thomas

Abby Thomas is a freshman at University of Iowa studying Journalism and Nonfiction Creative Writing. She plans to one day be able to get paid to travel around the world writing about her adventures. The day you can find her travel book on the shelves of bookstores will be the day she has finally reached her life goal. When she is not pursuing her dreams of travel writing, she is either at the University's radio station or on her computer wasting time on Tumblr and Netflix.