Top 5 Questions to Ask Your New College Roommate

Take your room now, cut it in half, and add a complete stranger and all of their stuff.

Welcome to college!

College dorms aren’t the most spacious or comfortable, unless you make them.

Being paired with a random stranger to live with for a year is also a super scary concept, especially if he or she is anything like that awkward kid who sits in the back of your history class.

Although roommate assignments are a ways down the road, it’s not too early to start thinking about how you will make things work.

No matter how easy you think you are to get along with, or how unimportant you think it is that you and your roommate are more than acquaintances, know that the roommate situation can have a huge impact on your freshman year.

So listen up!

No matter what kind of roommate you get, there are some questions to ask your future roommate before move-in day!

  • What did he/she do in high school? This may seem like an overrated question, but it’s the best way to get the conversation rolling without being awkward, while getting to know your roommate the best.
  • What does he/she plan on being involved with in college? Asking this will give you a general idea of how busy each of you will be, and how much time you will be spending in the room together. For example, are either of you joining Greek life or planning on getting a job?
  • What will he/she bring for your dorm? Establish as early as possible who is bringing the mini fridge, futon, etc. especially if you already have one of these items. There is no room for duplicates in a dorm room!
  • What will your room’s guest policy be? Many freshmen find this rule to be a bit excessive, but of all of the roommate issues I have watched unfold, usually they begin with this problem, so it is important that you decide with your roommate what your guest policy will be.
  • How late and how often can you have people over?
  • What about members of the opposite sex?
  • Is it okay if old friends from other schools stay for a weekend?
  • What are your studying habits? You don’t want to invite a bunch of new friends you just met at dinner over if your roommate is busy studying for a hefty mid-term. Establish where you and your roommate study best to avoid intruding on each other’s study time.

Set yourself up for a great roommate situation.

Keep in mind that soon you will be filling out surveys consisting of questions about everything from your sleep schedule to your music preferences.

Start taking note of the little things about yourself so you’re prone to be honest on your roommate surveys, increasing the chances that you get paired with someone you have a little something in common with!

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Kaitlyn Taylor

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