Top 5 Reasons To Live Co-Ed

Now that you’re past the point in your life where boys and girls have cooties, consider that living with the opposite sex can possibly be very rewarding.

While it’s often not allowed in the dorms, once you leave the dorms after freshman year, all bets are off. Making friends and becoming close to a few people of the opposite sex during freshman year can help you in your roommate search for years to come.

If and when you move out of the dorms into a house or an apartment, consider rooming with a mix of boys and girls.

Here’s why:

Guys and girls deal with problems differently: It’s inevitable that at some point you and your roommates will fight, but if you’re living in a co-ed space, the arguments might be less severe. Girls, let’s admit it, we’re more petty and sometimes hold grudges more often. Guys, you sometimes have anger outbursts, but then the next day you’re over it. So how can these different argumentative styles work together? For one, girls will probably learn to be less petty, and guys will probably learn to address issues in a calmer manner. But the best part is, with this working together; a fight with your roommates won’t last days or weeks.

Meeting your roommates’ friends: If you live in a co-ed situation, having friends over can bring the most fun to you and your roommates. It’s a win-win: guys get to meet the cute girls that come over, while the girls get to meet the handsome guys that come over. Who doesn’t love that? Being in a laid-back setting and meeting new people from the opposite sex will actually give you a chance to get to know them over a longer period of time, instead of a 20 minute conversation at a party. Who knows, maybe “that guy” that always comes over to play video games will turn into something more.

You get to preview married life (if that’s in your future): When girls and guys live together, many new perspectives are gained on each side. Girls learn how messy boys can be and how to deal with it, while guys learn how to cook, how to put up with long showers girls take and why putting the seat down is important. For many of us that will eventually get married after college, living with the opposite sex can help preview what that will be like for the most part down the road. A trial run can never hurt.

You learn a lot: I started watching Sports Center when my boyfriend starting making me, but now I love it. I would’ve never gotten into it if it weren’t for a guy. And guys, maybe you could use a couple more “chick-flicks” in your movie collection. Living with the opposite sex introduces you to new activities you wouldn’t necessarily be able to enjoy with friends of the same sex. For instance, having a “Call of Duty” tournament isn’t something girls might do with their friends, but playing with your male roommates can create a fun bonding experience.

Access to good advice: Having trouble with your boyfriend or girlfriend? Living with roommates of the opposite sex gives you easy access to people whom you can vent to and who can help you. Having the opposite perspective on situations that require advice may help you solve the problems more successfully and can shed new light on the subject you may not have thought of. This is a valuable asset you gain when living in a co-ed space.

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