Top 5 Things To Avoid During College

College is one of the most rewarding and exciting experiences you will have in your life. Many fun times are bound to fill your memory books, but amidst the fun there is always trouble college kids can run into.

It’s good to make a bucket list of desired accomplishments during college, but you should also have goals to stay away from certain situations as well.

Here are the top five situations/things to keep away from during college:

  1. Minor In Possession (MIP): The most common criminal charge among college students is an MIP. A Minor In Possession of alcohol drains your bank account and your ability to have a social life once you are put on probation. Many college students find themselves in this unfortunate situation when it is 100% avoidable. It’s simply, if you are under 21, you shouldn’t be drinking, so if you are willing to take the risk just be sure to understand the consequences. Worst-case scenario is you can be arrested and put in the “drunk tank”; you can be put on probation and be ordered to pay fines over $500. Stay sober, stay out of trouble.
  2. Adderall: Many college students recently have been enjoying the “Adderall advantage.” Adderall is a prescription pill used to treat A.D.D. and A.D.H.D. for people that have actually been diagnosed with these diseases. But students are now taking adderal to transform into super humans that can learn more, more efficiently. Adderall helps you concentrate but is not worth taking without a prescription just to get ahead in school. It’s extremely addictive and should not be used without a prescription. There are other ways to still be successful when studying and doing schoolwork.
  3. Losing old friends: You’ve heard the saying, make new friends but keep the old. This saying should be kept in mind as you are starting college. If your friends back home are important to you and you want to continue your friendships, you have to be prepared to make an effort to stay close. If you never text, Skype, or call your friends, or even visit them back home, how will you maintain those relationships? The fact is, you won’t. Everyone makes a new group of friends during college, but if you have friends worth keeping back home, make sure you stay in touch to keep your relationships strong.
  4. Computer crashes: One of the best purchases you can make before college is an external hard drive. You have heard the horror stories about computers crashing, and yes, it really does happen to some people. However, if you back up your computer’s memory on a hard drive, you won’t lose that term paper you worked on month on, or all of your music, or pictures.
  5. Failing: Once you get to college, no one forces you to go to class. Your parents, your friends and your teachers aren’t holding your hand anymore. It is very easy to fail college courses if you don’t go to class, it’s that simple. College classes are much more difficult than high school, and if you don’t go to class you should expect to fall behind. The easiest way to fall behind is by not going. You are paying thousands of dollars to be in college, why waste the money by skipping class?
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Madeline Fetchiet

Madeline Fetchiet

Madeline Fetchiet is a sophomore at Michigan State University, studying journalism and philosophy of law. Aside from reporting, Madeline enjoys tae kwon do, reading, writing, researching and traveling, and can be considered a music enthusiast. Madeline currently works as an intern for, and is a banquet server at Travis Pointe Country Club in Ann Arbor, MI. Perfecting the storytelling side of reporting is something she looks forward to in her future career as a journalist.
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