Top 5 Ways To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone In College

College opens your mind to a myriad of opportunities to try new things. Whether it’s learning a new skill, playing a new sport or joining a new club, college offers you many ways to step outside of your comfort zone.

For some, just attending college and being away from home for the first time is out of their comfort zone, but for others pushing that limit may help them develop into go-getters in the future. Face it; college is all about expanding your perspectives, so why not explore ways to break out of your norm?

To begin taking the steps toward being more confident and accepting, check out my suggestions to expand your horizons.

  1. Speak up in class: One of the best ways to stay engaged in the subject material and step outside of your comfort zone in college is to raise your hand occasionally in class. I know what you’re thinking; no one likes the teacher’s pet, but once your peers hear your brilliant insights, they will reconsider. Speaking up and asking questions reminds the professor or graduate assistant that you are actively intrigued by your learning, that you pay attention to detail and have a strong work ethic. When it comes down to grading, your effort in class will surely be recognized.
  2. Introduce yourself on the bus: This may sound a little weird (okay it is), but what is so wrong about saying “hi my name is…?” If someone sits down next to you on the city or campus bus, why not say hi? What are you really hurting if you don’t? Saying “hi” to random people will enhance your college experience by increasing your communication skills, and you might meet a good friend! Two of my good friends from school I met in the cafeteria because they simply asked if they could sit and eat with me. See? Be cordial and confident!
  3. Go to a restaurant or coffee house alone: Okay you’re really probably starting to think I’m a freak now, but eating alone doesn’t make you a “loner” or a loser. It can actually make you seem very mature and self-confident. People who demonstrate they are comfortable eating alone display their maturity, poise, and best of all, often invite others over to make friends with or have other relationships with. If you’re a naturally independent person, this will be a piece of cake of you, but if you’re more dependent on a group of people, this can be difficult. Showing you can stand alone and take care of yourself without relying on friends displays a lot about your professional character and gives you and unique personality trait.
  4. Sing at Karaoke Night: Two words: KARAOKE NIGHT! What a better way to get out of your comfort zone than by singing in front of other college students?! At some point and state during college, kids will sing their favorite hits at the local karaoke bar. For an interesting spin on a boys or girls night out, grab your friends and let loose at a karaoke bar. Singing in public gives your confidence to speak in front of an audience, a common skill desired in professionals. Additionally, singing karaoke helps you focus more on the inside and less on the material aspects of life.
  5. Befriend an unknown classmate: Some universities have as many as 50,000 people, what are the chances you know the person sitting next to you in lecture? You most likely don’t know them, but that doesn’t mean you can’t. Introducing yourself to someone next to you in class is a great way to find a study partner, a friend or just to work on our communication skills.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is one of the most important ways to develop your personality during college. When you encounter new perspectives, your worldview can change.

College is all about affecting your worldview.

Speaking up and standing out can only help your grow.

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Madeline Fetchiet

Madeline Fetchiet

Madeline Fetchiet is a sophomore at Michigan State University, studying journalism and philosophy of law. Aside from reporting, Madeline enjoys tae kwon do, reading, writing, researching and traveling, and can be considered a music enthusiast. Madeline currently works as an intern for, and is a banquet server at Travis Pointe Country Club in Ann Arbor, MI. Perfecting the storytelling side of reporting is something she looks forward to in her future career as a journalist.
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