Top Education Trends Teachers and Students Should Know About

The evolution of the internet has forever changed how students and teachers communicate. While classroom lectures and participation is still a vital trend in learning today, the internet has made it possible for communication to reach beyond the classroom.

Keeping up with today’s learning and teaching trends is important for instructors, students and parents. Here is a look at some of the current education trends and how they are helpful in the world of learning:

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites have become very popular among students and teachers alike. Most students today can easily use a computer and can browse the internet so the addition of social media in the learning world is not really surprising.

Social sites can be used for students to share their insights about specific lessons and support each other throughout the learning process. Teachers all over the world are harnessing the power of social media and forming a stronger bond with their students in the process.

They can keep in touch with students during school breaks and can get a better idea of how students are processing material by reading through their comments.

Here are some tips on managing school accounts, and examples of good practice; and here are some innovative ways that social media is being used by learning professionals worldwide.

Student Teachers

Students tend to perform much better and feel more confident in their abilities when their own thoughts and ideas are taken into consideration. Many education systems today give students the chance to offer ideas for classroom improvement.

They instruct their teachers on how lessons can better be taught, so that they can better retain vital information. This student-teaching his/her teacher trend is quickly catching on in schools around the world and allows students and teachers alike to perform better in the classroom.

E.g. a Case study in Brazil involved a project in which students were asked what they liked best about their teachers, and what they considered to be good teaching. The responses provided helpful leads as to what now needs to be done, to make the school more inclusive.

Better Learning Facilities

Students as well as teachers perform much better when the condition of the building that they are in is in good space. Better building facilities lead to fewer issues of truancy as well as various types of substance abuse by students.

Studies have shown that the overall scores of students are much higher when they are being taught in a building that is in good condition, and the behaviour of teachers regarding how well they teach is also improved when building conditions are better.

Many areas have built new schools and the learning processes in these new buildings are significantly better among students and teachers. The Audit Commission is an independent governing body that is responsible for ensuring that public money is spent economically and effectively, therefore it overseas improving school buildings.

More One on One Time

Many schools today are a bit overcrowded, leading to very little one-on-one time for students from their instructors. Paying closer attention to the needs of each individual student is important, and high quality schools offer less-crowded classrooms where students can get the personal instruction that they need.

When students do not understand material, this personalised attention is vital. Students feel much more confident when they understand what is being taught, and having adequate time to focus on the needs of each individual student is critical in teaching today.


These are, of course, only a few things that learning establishments are doing to try to improve the learning process as well as student teacher relationships.

Many schools have begun to implement new techniques and technologies, in the hope that this new direction will help students and teachers to better relate to each other and help students who are having a difficult time learning, to better adjust to the material being taught.

Today’s classrooms are much different than they were just a few short years ago and the addition of these new learning techniques seems to be improving the education system in general as more and more students are making higher marks and entering into universities after graduation.

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