Photography Colleges

Do you love capturing life’s most precious events?  Maybe you should consider a major in photography.  Student who attend photography colleges study the art of capturing images that record an event or tell a story.  Photography students often specialize in the following areas: commercial and industrial, news, fine arts, portraits, or scientific photography.

While attending photography colleges, students learn various techniques, like lighting, composition, equipment use, and image processing.

Top Photography Colleges

Below is a list of the top 19 photography colleges in the United States.

1. Yale University

2. School of the Art Institute of Chicago

3. Rhode Island School of Design

4. Rochester Institute of Technology

5. University of New Mexico

6. California Institute of the Arts

7. San Francisco Art Institute

8. School of Visual Arts

9. University of California, Los Angeles

10. Arizona State University

11. California College of the Arts

12. Cranbrook Academy of Art

13. Columbia College, Chicago

14. Columbia University, New York

15. Brad College

16. Maryland Institute College of Art

17. University of Arizona

18. Temple University

19. University of Georgia

Careers for Graduates of Photography Colleges

Some photography colleges offer 2 year programs.  Students who enter these programs are prepared for employment in wedding or portrait photography.  Graduates of 4-year photography colleges usually find employment in digital, commercial, or fine art photography.  Some employers include agencies, publishers, and corporations.  Some graduates of photography colleges end up doing their own freelance type work post-graduation.

Job Outlook for Graduates of Photography Colleges

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for photographers is good.  Experts suspect that with the growth of the internet, more graduates of photography colleges will be needed.  Most employers prefer to hire students who have a bachelor’s degree in photography as well as some previous experience in the fields.

Since prior work experience or formal training in necessary to break into the field, it is suggested that students at photography colleges try to get some work experience prior to graduation.

I hope this information was useful.  Continue to do your research before sending out those college applications! Good luck.

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