True Life: I’m Addicted To My Smart Phone

If you have not already been warned, college will keep you busier than Sean Paul circa our middle school years. Studying will occupy a large portion of your time; not to mention professors assign work as if their class is the only one you’re taking.

Time not spent studying will likely be devoted to any club or organization you choose to get involved with. If you decide to get a job you will have to factor time in for that as well. You’ll also want to make the most of your college years and have a jam-packed social calendar.

Just writing about this is giving me anxiety.

You will need to rely on something more concrete than your memory to keep track of all of your plans, appointments, dates and deadlines. Some people like to use planners to organize their schedules, but let’s face it, this is the 21st century and we’re trying to save trees. Enter smart phones.

I have found that the absolute best way to stay on top of my schedule is by writing anything and everything down in my smart phone. You should give it a try and here’s why.

  • Electronic Calendar

They have this calendar feature, which is just like a regular calendar, but it’s virtual. You can literally carry it around in your back pocket. You can enter plans into your calendar immediately regardless of when or where they are made, and as plans change, which they often do, you can easily edit them. But wait, it gets better.

You can set certain events to happen daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly. (Can you say birthday cheat sheet?) Perhaps my favorite aspect of this virtual calendar is that you can schedule reminders so that your phone will alert you when the event is coming up—the day before, a few hours before, fifteen minutes before. If you utilize this underrated feature on your phone, you have the potential to never be late or miss a meeting again.

  • Professor Contact Information

It is also very common in college to get overwhelmed with the amount of people you will want to get in touch with. An easy and under-utilized way to combat this problem is using your phone contacts. Of course your contact list contains phone numbers and possibly email addresses of your friends and family members, but how convenient would it be to have your professors and advisers information on hand at all times? This will save you a lot of unnecessary time and effort tracking them down when you need to.

  • Your College’s Smart Phone App

A lot of colleges have recognized students’ reliance on their smart phones and responded by creating applications that provide them with a wealth of information. Speaking for my own college’s smart phone app, this is where I can easily access campus-dining schedules, a map of campus, the school newspaper, the calendar for the entire school year, and my student portal. This is something that is definitely worth looking into and downloading if it’s available to you.

With Internet accessible on smart phones, the ways they can be beneficial are endless. If you have a smart phone, use it to its full potential and revel in the order your life will soon have. Word to the wise: always keep your phone charger handy.

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Natalie Alexander

Natalie Alexander

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