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Yes, the cost of college is expensive; however it can be affordable if you exercise all your options.  The true challenge lies in finding a college that best fits your financial needs.

You see, the problem is quite simple actually, most parents and high school students are just not aware of all the various financial aid options and resources that exist for college-bound high school students.

In this post, we’ll review some alternative ways to find money for college.

How your parent’s job can help you…

Many companies and corporations today provide benefits to their employees to attract, hire, and keep their employees happy.  Sometimes one of those benefits is to help send their children to college by covering their tuition fee.  This may be offered in the form of company scholarships or tuition reimbursement programs.  What’s the difference?  Let me explain.

Company scholarships work just like any other private scholarship or grant program.  Typically the applicant, in this case the employee’s son or daughter, would have to submit their transcripts, an essay, and/or a letter of recommendation and there is some sort of selection process to determine who receives the scholarship to cover their child’s tuition fee.

As for tuition reimbursement, the employee or student’s parents would have to pay the tuition fee and all related expenses upfront.  After the student completes the course and submits his or her grades for that semester, proving that he or she has maintained a certain grade point average, then the employer would reimburse the employee for the tuition fee and those other related costs.

Company sponsored education programs pay various annual amounts depending on a number of items, seniority, job title, etc.  Have your parents check with their H/R department at work for details on available scholarships or tuition fee reimbursement benefits.  If these types of programs are offered, make sure your parents find out if there are any stipulations attached.

For example, some employers require that the employee remain on the job for a certain amount of time after their son or daughter obtains their degree.  While there are usually some terms attached to receiving these types of tuition fee benefits, more times than not it is worth the effort.

What if my parent(s) work at a college?

If your mom and/or dad work at a college or university, there’s a good chance that you will be able to attend tuition fee free.  This is one of the secrets that a lot of people don’t know about.  Many times, at the college level, one of the employee benefits is the employee or family members to attend tuition free or at a reduced price.

Colleges and universities have various names for these types of programs, such as tuition waivers, employee waivers, tuition reductions, tuition remission

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