Types of Colleges

Not sure what type of college you want to go to? You aren’t the only one.

You have a number of choices to choose from when it comes to picking out the type of college you want to attend. Each college is different yet teaches the same type of education.

Here is a list of the different types of colleges you can choose from:

Two Year Colleges (Community/Junior College)

  • Two year Colleges allow you to get your Associates Degree in a two year period. You can either get your Associates of Arts Degree (A.A.) or your Associates of Science Degree (A.S.).
  • Many two year colleges allow you to transfer your credits to a four year institution if you are wanting to further your education and go on to a four year school.
  • Most community colleges are publicly supported by the state and local communities, although some may be private as well.
  • Besides getting an Associate’s Degree you can also get specialized job training in certain areas. It is affordable and allows students to enter the workforce immediately following graduation.
  • Another great thing about community colleges is that its a lot smaller and generally a lot cheaper!

Four Year Universities (Public and Private)

  • Four Year Universities allows you to get your Bachelor’s Degree. Bachelor’s of Arts (B.A.) or Bachelor’s of Science (B.S.) are the most common type of degree students get but they do offer others that you can get.  Some bachelor’s degrees could take longer than four years to get, depending on the major.
  • Universities are a lot larger and also have graduate schools, which can allow you to get your master’s or doctoral degree.
  • There are huge learning opportunities on and off campus. Four-year institutions often provide students with amazing opportunities to get involved around campus and in the community.

There are both Public and Private Four Year Universities:

Public Universities are subsidized by tax money from the state in which they are located and are generally cheaper than private universities. However, the tuition is only lower for in-state residents. Out-of-state residents usually pay higher rates.

Private colleges are funded through endowments, tuition and donations. These colleges have religious affiliations. The cost of attending a private university is a lot more expensive than public universities. But private colleges do offer generous financial aid options that can make the cost reasonable.

Online Institutions

Online colleges are great way to get an education too. It is all done via the internet and you can do it from WHEREVER you want! Some schools that offer online degrees are Kaplan University and University of Phoenix.

Online colleges are great for students who don’t have as much time or flexibility in their daily lives to attend a University. It offers them to do schoolwork from home and still be able to work a full time job.

Trade and Vocational Schools

If you already know exactly which industry or career you want to get into, a trade or vocational school might be a great choice. These types of schools don’t require you to take the general education classes that other schools make you take. Instead, you only focus on your area of interest. Once you are finished you receive your certification or Associate’s Degree.

Some great benefits to going to Trade/Vocational school is:

  •  You can have a successful career and the right training without getting a degree.
  • You can always transfer to a 4 year college.
  • Schools provide you with hands on work with the field of your choosing.

So as you can see there are many different types of colleges to choose from. It is all based on your choosing of what you want to go to school for.

Whether you just want an Associate’s Degree or would like to go on further and go all the way into your Master’s Degree. It is all based on your choice and what you love most and would love to do for the rest of your life with your career.

It will all be worth it in the end.

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