Weird Ways To Pay For College

The financial aid process can be scary. College is expensive and most students just aren’t sure if they’ll be able to afford it. What if you don’t get enough financial aid to cover your college expenses? This is a common question that a lot of high school students struggle with every single day.

Luckily there are some other options out there that might help you get the additional funding that you need to attend college. Below you’ll find some unconventional ways to pay for college…

Local Community…

The first place that you should look for additional funds is in your local community. Ask your guidance counselor if there are any local scholarships that you can apply for. Most guidance counselors are great resources when it comes to local college scholarships. Maybe the school offers scholarships that are funded by alumni or perhaps the local golf course or community center gives away scholarships. Don’t be afraid to be proactive and ask these questions…you might be surprised by what you discover.

Non-Profit Organizations…

A lot of non-profit organizations sponsor scholarships for future college students who display an interest in the organization’s mission. For example, St. Jude’s may give away a scholarship to a college bound teen who battled cancer as a child. Other organizations might provide scholarships to students who are pursuing a field of study that directly relates to the foundation’s mission. For example, a heart association might be willing to give a scholarship to a student interested in pursuing a degree in pre-medicine.


A lot of churches will have scholarship funds set up for the members of their congregation who are going to college. Similar to other scholarship programs, students typically have to fill out an application, submit grades, and write an essay. Some churches may require scholarship recipients to study religion in college and have the desire to continue into a church based occupation after college.

The Bottom Line…

There are a lot of unconventional ways that students can pay for college. The financial aid process does not begin and end with your FAFSA form. There are so many opportunities out there that students can take advantage of…you just have to look for them. The more scholarships you apply for, the better your chances will be at receiving additional funds for college.

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