I’ve Been Waitlisted For College, Now What?

I’ve been waitlisted for college, now what?

As early-admission decisions roll in, some people will be elated to have received admission to their first-choice school, and others will be hurt because they have been rejected, waitlisted or deferred.

To the rejected: move on. You can be just as happy at another school.

To the waitlisted and deferred: if that school really is your top choice, then don’t hold a grudge against them just because you weren’t also their top choice.

Got Waitlisted For College? Here’s What To Do…

My Story 

I thought I was a lock for the University of Illinois when I applied for early admissions. I had a high GPA, high ACT and SAT scores and plenty of extra-curricular activities. Plus, my mom was an alumna. There’s no way I should have gotten waitlisted for college – well, at least not from this one!

But our school didn’t have class ranks, for which the University of Illinois has always had a strange affinity, so I got deferred or waitlisted for college.

I was angry. If they didn’t want me, then I didn’t want them. I’d go anywhere but there.

I had to have a certain cool-down period. I let my other admissions decisions come in, and I re-evaluated my position on the University of Illinois once I was accepted because I had always loved the school and their sports teams, even though I was waitlisted for college the first time around.

It came down to a decision between Washington University in St. Louis and the University of Illinois.

I really loved both schools, but I would save my family roughly $30,000 per year (money that could be saved for law school) by going to the University of Illinois.

I’m glad I didn’t hold a grudge because I don’t think I would have been as happy anywhere else. Yes, I was waitlisted for college, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me.

Apply It To Yourself

Just because you’ve been deferred or waitlisted for college doesn’t mean that your dream school doesn’t want you.

Admissions offices have weird systems of choosing their incoming freshman classes. You aren’t valued any less by being accepted later. The same applies to people who happen to get waitlisted for college in the spring.

Everyone in your freshman class will graduate with a degree from the same university. No one in your class has to know if you were waitlisted for college or when you got accepted.

Your future employers will never know when you were accepted. Don’t let your pride prevent you from going to a great school.

To read more on this topic, check out this post – “College Waitlist? 5 Secrets to Getting Accepted Anyway!

The moral of the story is…Don’t let being waitlisted for college by your top-choice school get you down. It still might be the school for you.

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