Walk It Out: How To Burn 350 Calories In Only 45 Minutes

It is the holiday season and you don’t have much extra time to spare. Between preparing delicious meals to feed your family in town and shopping on the fly, time for yourself seems out of reach.

But what if I told you that not only could you have time for yourself, but you could lose 350 calories while doing it? Now that is something you want to hear.
In just 45 minutes you can walk off 350 calories. Make your family and friends happy and take a shower after. What’s an hour to spare anyway?

Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper created this efficient walking routine to fit into any time of your day.


His first tip is to do a warm up. This means you should take a few minutes to just walk at a comfortable pace, relaxing your shoulders and arms, letting them swing naturally.

Next, pick it up a bit. While you should still be able to talk, it should be more difficult and you should feel a bit winded. Do this for about 4 minutes. Remember, quicker steps are better steps because you will burn more calories.


Here comes the power segment. After every walking section you will complete a full power minute. Here are three options to chose from: jumping jacks, sprinting, or walking lunges. Try to mix it up and do all three to confuse your body and your muscles.

“When you vary your moves, you avoid that dreaded shape-up plateau,” explained Harper.

When you chose sprinting your body’s cortisol levels will begin lowering. Cortisol is your body’s stress hormone that is linked to gaining weight. As a soon to be college student, you will bear plenty of stress between sleepless study nights and homework loads so sprinting would be very beneficial.

stress over bookSprinting

An important form tip to remember for sprinting is to keep watch a few feet in front of you. Your shoulders should be relaxed and all of your gravity should be at your core. Sprint for one minute during the power segment.

“Make sure to keep your core engaged to limit stress on your knees and joints”, says Harper.


Jumping Jacks

If you chose jumping jacks for your minute power segment, you will want to remember to bring your hands all the way over your head and back down to your sides. Your jumps should be wide so you can feel your whole body in movement.

jumping jacks

Walking Lunges

The walking lunge will feel great all the way from your butt to your calf. Proper form is key while completing lunges. When one foot is in front of the other you will want to make sure both knees are bent at a 90 degree angle. Not more, no less. You should feel your leg being stretched but not overextended. Step into your heel and lift up, repeating this same form. For the entire minute you should be alternating legs.


Your overall goal for this workout will be to alternate between walking and your choice of power segments. Walk for 4 minutes, do a power segment, etc, repeat this nine times. If you can do this kind of workout for at least 5 days a week you will be back to getting in shape.

I know that I can quit watching one hour of t.v. a day over break to make time for this workout. Not only would I be endorphin happy as our beloved Elle Woods would say, but my body’s muscles would be sore and happy to.
As a college student I know we make the excuse that winter break is out time to relax and gorge on delicious treats around the house. But so quickly we fall out of our exercise routine when we make excuses like that. Now is the time to take charge of your body. Now is the time to exercise.

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Kait Freeberg

Kait Freeberg

Kait Freeberg is a junior at Cal Poly University, San Luis Obispo pursuing a degree in journalism. At school, Kait can be found interviewing people or hitting the gym. As the Colleges Against Cancer president, Kait helps to fight cancer and she educates her peers on the disease. Apart from school she works two jobs, enjoys traveling, and cooking for her roommates.