Want to Study Abroad? 3 Things You Can Do Now To Prepare!

One of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had in college is the semester I spent in Spain my junior year.

Unfortunately, many people I’ve talked to didn’t go abroad (or even consider it) because they thought they didn’t have time.

However, most colleges make it surprisingly easy for students to study abroad.

All it takes is a bit of planning…

Consider these tips now to ensure you can spend some time abroad during college:

  • Attend an Informational Meeting

Most schools have frequent meetings for students looking to study abroad. At the University of Illinois where I go to school, these meetings cover ways to research different programs, classes and financial aid options.

If you’ve considered going abroad (even in passing), there’s no reason not to attend one of these quick meetings and explore your options.

If you go to an informational meeting early on in your college career, you’ll have a better idea of what you’ll need to do to work studying abroad into your plan and still graduate on time.

  • Work out a Four-Year Plan 

If you’ve already decided on a major and haven’t made a four-year plan, schedule some time with your advisor.

If you tell him or her you plan to study abroad, he or she can help you work it into your schedule.

That way, you’ll avoid the stress of wondering whether or not you’ll be able to complete all of your graduation requirements if you do go abroad.

  • Consider a Shorter Program

Most schools offer winter or summer abroad programs for those who can’t work an entire semester abroad into their schedules.

You can still get credit hours for these programs and get the experience of spending a couple of weeks or even months in a new country.

This option is great for people with jam-packed class schedules who don’t want to miss out on going abroad.

Remember – it will probably never be easier for you to travel to a different country than it is with a study abroad program through your school.

Take advantage of it!

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Selma Haveric

Selma Haveric

Selma Haveric is a senior at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign studying journalism and Spanish. When she’s not studying, she loves reading, traveling and bike riding. She’s currently deciding whether to go to law school or to postpone her studies for a year and teach English in Spain.
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