What College Major is Right For Me?

Once you decide what college campus is right for you, the stressful decision making is far from over. You still have to decide what dorms you want to live in, who your roommate will be, and the variable that will weigh most heavily on your future—what you should major in.

If you already have a dream career path in mind, this will come easier to you than most. Obviously choose the major that will get you a degree in your area of interest. This also may influence your choice of school because some schools specialize in certain areas. If you have no clue what you want to do in the future, don’t panic! You have plenty of time to figure it out.

I definitely identify with the latter group of people and found myself loving my major and getting a great education in the college of Liberal Arts at a Polytechnic University. You will figure out your path eventually, even if this means going in to college with an undeclared major.

In high school you had no choice but to take classes in all of the core subjects: math, science, history and English. Ideally, this helped you decide which general direction you want to continue your education in. The beauty of college is you get to take specialized classes in subjects you are passionate about, so this should be an exciting decision rather than a scary one.


The first step you should take in deciding what major to choose is to research all of your options. There are so many options for college majors, probably even in subjects you’ve never heard of.

First you should decide what college within your university you want to be a part of. At my school for instance there is a College of Liberal Arts, College of Agriculture, College of Engineering, College of Math and Sciences, College of Architecture, etc.

Once you can decide which general category you fit into, you can explore the various majors within that college. Open your mind to the endless possibilities that college offers. Decide if you want to continue schooling past your undergrad and look into what major would feed into that seamlessly.

You can find out what courses you will be required to take for various majors, which could be one way to narrow down your options. You should also look into what concentrations and minors are offered with different majors.

Go With Your Gut

This decision will ultimately have an impact on your future—not your parents’ or anyone else’s future.

You will be the one who has to take classes for your major for the next four years. Your college education will be a privilege, so make sure you choose something you will enjoy learning and will benefit from.

There are so many more opportunities for your education to be enjoyable now than ever before. You will get to choose exactly which classes you take based off your interests.

You are also the one who will have a degree in that major at the end of your education. You will look for jobs with that degree and eventually go into a field related to that major. Choose a major that you will be proud to tell people and that you feel will enhance the possibilities for your future.

Remember that although this decision is important, it is not the end of the world. Once you get to college and have the opportunity to talk to other students and professors, you may find there is another major you see yourself in more. You can work with your adviser to decide what major you are best suited for and can always switch.

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