What College Should I Attend?

Easily the most pressing on every high school senior’s mind: What College Should I Attend?

For me, my heart was set on Cal Poly San Luis Obispo since my mom and aunt both attended Cal Poly and whenever we’d visit my family in Southern California we’d always stop at SLO for a pit stop.

That’s not the case with most high school seniors. So while Cal Poly had been on my first choice for a long time, I still had the following criteria for the college I wanted to attend, and Cal Poly just happened to fit them all.

While your tastes for colleges may vary, this criteria certainly could apply to you in choosing a college.


The absolute most important factor in choosing in college is what college is best for your major/minor. While other factors certainly matter, what you study is what you plan on doing for the rest of your life as a career. So obviously you want to be best prepared for your dream career so you can get a job as soon as you leave college instead of staying at home with your parents.

For instance, the only other school I would have considered to go to other than Cal Poly would have been UC Davis. Davis is certainly a great school, beautiful campus and I have a lot of friends of mine who go there. But Cal Poly was easily the better school for my major, Journalism.

Davis didn’t even have a Journalism major, they had a Communications major (more broad than Journalism) and Davis isn’t really known for its Communications major. Cal Poly’s learn-by-doing philosophy so far has worked out very well for me, with maintaining a WordPress blog for a class and today anchoring my first newscast for a class this quarter. (It was practice).

Bottom line: Go with the school that best fits your major.

Good Surrounding Area

Since you’ll be living in/near your college for the next 4+ years, you will want to be in a nice surrounding area where the people are nice and there is a lot to do. If you’re more of an inside person and it doesn’t matter where you are, then that’s fine.

But I don’t think you want to be an area like USC where you could be in danger if you make a wrong turn. (no offense to my friends at USC- it’s a great school but not only is it too expensive it’s not exactly a place I feel safe in)

SLO, for instance, is a town full of kind people with two nearby beaches and a world famous Farmer’s Market every Thursday night.


Yes this too is important. After being used to the sunny California weather, I couldn’t fathom going to an East Coast school and being subject to the freezing snow. That’s why I love it here in SLO where it’s always sunny. It’s like paradise.

But there are those of you who prefer the cold weather, which of course means you would like to go a school in colder weather.

It Just Feels Right

I know this one may sound kind of odd, but it’s true. Overall the campus has to feel like home to you, and for whatever reason it doesn’t, then you shouldn’t go to that particular school. It is going to be your home for 4 + years so you have to be comfortable on campus.

This is just my suggestion for how you choose your campus. Obviously this could lead to a different school than my choice, and you could have different criteria than me. I just hope you found this to be helpful.

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Aaron Bandler

Aaron Bandler

Aaron Bandler is a sophomore at California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo pursuing a Journalism major and an Economics minor. Aaron's main passion is politics. As a staunch conservative Republican, he advocates for conservatism every day of his life. Aaron is also an avid sports fan who passionately follows the San Francisco Giants and 49ers. Outside of sports and politics, Aaron enjoys playing guitar and listening to classic rock music like The Who and Led Zeppelin as well as hanging out with family and friends.
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