What I Wish I Had Know About College During High School

With any big change, comes the unknown. However, talking to current college students can help you get a better idea about what college is all about.

Here are just a few comments students made at Central Michigan University when asked what they wish they would have known prior to their freshman year of college.

“They always tell you, you have plenty of time to figure out your future, but you really don’t have much time. If you go in without a clue as to what you want to do, you just end up wasting credits (classes). I wasted a whole semester thinking I wanted to be a business major and now all of those credits have gone to waste.” –Courtney (Junior)

While it is completely normal to not know exactly what you want to study right away, this is something you shouldn’t put off for too long. Doing this may result in wasting money on useless classes or having to attend school for longer than expected.

“I didn’t take freshman year very seriously and now I am making up for it.” –Katie W. (Sophomore)

As much as college is a new and exciting experience, it is important to stay focused. Many students tend to get distracted, which results in bad grades and having to retake classes. A great way to straighten out your priorities is by keeping an agenda. Compile a list of things you need to complete each week and complete them before you decide to go out.

“I didn’t realize how many things were available at college for you.” –Angie (Sophomore)

Many students do realize how much universities have to offer. From resume critiques, employment assistance, and health advice, universities allow you to take advantage of more than just their educational resources.

“You think going out is a great idea, but it’s really not.” –Katie B. (Sophomore)

While socializing is an important part of your college experience, remember that you are there to receive an education. If you plan on going out during the weekend, try to complete your homework during the day. Don’t put it off until Sunday evening.

“Your classes aren’t just for your major and minor. There are other requirements for your graduation.”–Allison (Sophomore)

There are other classes you will be required to take than just those relevant to your major or minor. These courses are called prerequisites or general education courses. While some of these courses may not be of interest to you, they allow you to explore different subjects. Your university will determine which of these courses you need to take and how many.

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Jane Marie Trombly

Jane Marie Trombly

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